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&  the Astrological Layout


Saturday, May 23, 2020 - 1:30-5pm - $55.

Are you ready to amaze your clients with pinpoint accuracy on any person or issue? 

Is there a raise coming soon?

Is there a new lover on the horizon?

Is their growth on track for spiritual awareness?

Using and mastering the Tarot and the Astrological Layout is a dynamic method using the tarot cards, astrology and numerology in an innovative approach toward interpretation and integration of meanings. Each house represents a specific set of issues and circumstances particular to each area of life such as relationships, traditions, career and more. This method allows you to separate the issues with clarity in a way that the Celtic cross and other layouts don’t. Learning this method will provide tremendous dimension and insight for your readings. Prior knowledge of astrology is unnecessary but an understanding of the card meanings is essential.​

Class to be held online at  Zoom

Handouts and link will be emailed after payment


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