Happy Birthday Virgo 2021

You appear to have plenty of energy now at your disposal, especially, mentally and verbally. You will need to keep a governor on your speech as you will have a tendency toward blurting out whatever you are thinking or feeling at the moment. This could be quite embarrassing to you or insulting to others if your thinking doesn’t take precedence. On the positive side, it gets you “out of the house” in terms of acting and making changes in your environment that will improve the health and welfare of yourself and others provided the energy is not directed at manipulating others to maintain the prevention of the discovery of your insecurities. However, it is more likely that others will attempt to get you to act on their behalf through manipulating you through inducing guilt. After all, Virgo needs to feel useful. What better way to activate you by way of your need? Choose where you apply your energy carefully and keep a balanced tab on your accountability and that of others.

With what our peers are currently facing in terms of pandemic fears and racial pressures, it’s no wonder that everyone will appear to need some kind of help or assistance. You may encounter more people projecting helplessness now that you have been in recent years. It’s extremely important that you don’t get sucked into the feeling that it is up to you to ease everyone’s pain or “fix” their situations. Since everyone is exposed to the same manipulation by those in authority as you, it’s important that you take steps to maintain your faith in yourself, your personal integrity and a practicality in sustenance before you address the needs of others. Ministering to others before this is done is the most common mis-assessment of those in the “helping” fields leading them to deplete their own energies and resources in the belief that it is their responsibility to take care of others’ concerns before they address their own. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is imperative that you follow your own path and values you hold at your core. This will ensure that the lessons that you have come here to experience will take precedence over the manipulation and deception of others and their own inability or unwillingness to act on their own behalf. It is not your responsibility to “fix” anyone but yourself. Besides, you can’t “fix” anyone unless they either want it or permit it. Additionally, their emotional growth may have absolutely no connection to what they believe they need and think that you can give them. Don’t be fooled by the expectations of the prevailing “woke” landscape. Faith, hope and charity begins with the self.

Your family dynamics are about to go through a shift. They may not act in the way that you suppose they might. Give them a wide birth and allow others to pursue their own path regardless of the way you see things. They may see things very differently than you. Let them. Family is only a foundation for setting a life stage and does not include a required perspective.

September 2021 Astrolights

We begin the month with the Sun and Mars in the sixth house of Virgo. Service to ourselves and others is on the highlight. Who do you serve first and what exactly is required of you? This depends on your values and personal perspective and how susceptible you are to social influence.

With Jupiter having retrograded back into Aquarius with Saturn, our perceived “duty” to our fellow citizens is being challenged. Who is it that we are actually responsible for? Ourselves? Others? These days that is a matter for great debate. Our American cultural heritage has infused religious imperatives into our law and social requirement but only to a small extent. The assumption that we are responsible for the welfare of others who arrive here has been a basically accepted assumption. The symbolism of the Statue of Liberty is a testament to the gregariousness and compassion of that assumption. As citizens, our minds and hearts have been programmed to believe that we are nation that takes care of others and we have for the last 245 years of Pluto’s cycle. But Pluto is having a planetary return to our nation’s point of birth. Pluto was then and is currently now in Capricorn. The structure of things is changing, especially, in how we perceive and deal with authority. But Neptune is retrograde in Pisces. His presence in Pisces represents a dissolving of the perspective that it is our job to take care of everyone. With the poor, diseased and less fortunate pouring over our borders and angry minorities demanding that we turn over to them what we have worked so hard to become and accumulate for ourselves, where and when do we stop and minister to our own needs? How much more can we provide to others before we become the poor and diseased ourselves? This nation has been a lifeboat for the oppressed and downtrodden of the world. But at some point, that lifeboat will only hold so many and will sink because it can’t take on any more refugees. Where do we draw the line?

Both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are demanding that we address the extremes of our humanitarianism. Where is the balance? When do we stop ministering to others because it has depleted our own resources well beyond our ability to recover? When do we start letting others become accountable for the circumstances that they have chosen to represent the lessons established by their birth paths? If we keep picking up our child every time they fall, they will never learn to walk.

Uranus’ position in the second house of Taurus is a not-so-subtle reminder that we must reassess our resources and our use of them if we are to survive. Uranus is the planet of reorientation. That is, he brings us back, by force, to the natural flow of the universe which we have so woefully challenged and gone astray from. He is demanding that we either reestablish a balance between ourselves and others or he will do it for us. So far, we have not been listening.

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