Happy Birthday Taurus 2021

It may seem that everyone opposes you now or at the least, appears to be the way of your nurturing yourself. You may feel a little paranoid or insecure about telling others how you feel. However, move past your rationalization that they should know better and just blurt it out. Some people have no idea that they are somehow thwarting what it is that they are preventing you from doing. Don’t assume that others should know. Some need to be told.

Your career has been going through a shift. There have been some opportunities and some hinderances. The universe is encouraging you to look at your options more closely. Talk about these options with others. They may enlighten you as to some of the doors you can open that you thought have been closed. Things change. Taurus assumes that they shouldn’t or don’t. Don’t be stubborn. Standing your ground and needing to be right often loses you opportunities. Allow the world to move and then simply choose your space in it.

Are you aware that you are receiving support from others? Some people do look out for others. Even you. Although you may not see it. Give others the benefit of the doubt. They may surprise you with personal benefit. God helps those who help themselves. But sometimes you and God are not the only ones who help.

Being from Missouri right now (show me) might be your best tactic in the business world. Actions certainly speak louder than words. Now a days everyone is talk, talk, talk. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. Everyone is touchy and offended by something. Let them. You have your own path to follow and you owe nothing to anyone else. Do it for your own sake. If it benefits someone else in the process, great! If it doesn’t, they’ll get over it.

Lastly, you current healing is showing you where independence is needed and where cooperation will work to you benefit. Listen up. Pay attention. Be flexible. If you do, things will work a lot more smoothly. TT

May 2021 Astrolights

We begin the Month with Mars having moved into Cancer in the fourth house. Slowly working toward an opposition with Pluto in Capricorn in the tenth, we have home issues and career issues pulling us in separate directions. This is usually just a Cancer/Capricorn axis issue, but now this is growing in effect on the total population. In a broad sense we have home security in conflict with authority and current social declarations. In a personal sense, we find that we haven’t enough time to deal with each properly. The best we can do is set aside specific times to deal with each separately. The career authority we deal with at work is interfering with what we need to feel secure on the home front and vice versa. Since these two positions produce a T-square with Chyron in Aries and empties into Libra, it tells us that we must work with our significant other to assert our familial security and independence. This will be soothed by Mercury and Venus moving into Gemini on the 4th and the 9th providing an outlet for the Libra flash point. Open discussion will be our best vent and place to find options.

On the 11th we have the Moon becoming new in Taurus. Reassessing our resources and abilities and how to best apply them would be our best focus. With employment at an all-time low and children stranded at home while the teacher’s union refuses to go to work, our home and career stress issue is tremendous. This plus the southern states fielding the onslaught of immigrants totally exemplifies the pressure that Mars in Cancer in the fourth house has in closing an opposition to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn in the tenth house. Jupiter’s move into Pisces on the 13th begins feeding into Neptune (Covid) in the twelfth…no one in authority is addressing or telling the truth about the immigration or pandemic problem.

On the 23rd, Saturn in humanitarian Aquarius turns retrograde beginning to apply a fixed square to Uranus in Taurus moving further toward overburdening the country’s resources symbolized by Taurus and the second house. The coups de gras will be as the Sun and Moon produce a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 26th. Cultural issues are now at a flash point again. This may show int the Floyd debacle. Hopefully, when Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the 29th, we will have the potential for easing the pressure by talking out these issues.

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