Happy Birthday Scorpio 2021

Be careful of your urges. They come from a subconscious place. It’s important that you stop and listen to the voice inside to know where this urge is coming from let alone as to its validity. Odds are it will be the result of a specific relationship issue that you are easily triggered by.

It’s important that you don’t allow yourself to get caught up in comparison, especially, if it relates to assets or talents. Remember that your upbringing heralds from a very different place than the relationships that you are attracted to. Their motivation toward power, control and what they need to maintain a sense of security will be very different than what you need. Don’t assume that they will react the same way that you will. It’s almost guaranteed that they won’t. They might not even care. You must let others react in the way that best suits them no matter how eccentric they may appear to you. Deal with them at face value and they will react accordingly. If you second guess their motives, your trashed expectations will be the victim of your own assumptions.

How you’ve used your resources is coming full circle. Have you invested your energy in how and you can complete tasks with equal benefit for others or have you strategized your benefit over others? If you have operated from a security-oriented perspective, it will be the latter. If not, you’ll be getting positive returns from those whom you allowed consideration. What goes around, comes around. Additionally, any strategy will make you a prisoner to the conditions you hoped for. Now, you will feel that more than ever.

It’s very important that you talk out your insecurities with your significant other. They may be a lot more compassionate that you might have thought. You may find that the love you’ve been strategizing for would have been given anyway in spite of your planning. You have the unique ability of being able to see how others can do better with what they’ve got. Tell them. The responses you get may surprise you. Strategizing should be used in war. Love relationships are not war. If they seem that way, then it’s not love.

November 2021 Astrolights

Mars has moved into your Scorpio and will remain there until the middle of December. Any lessons that deal with possessions, assets, abilities and disabilities should be handled now. The energy is there and the Sun is there to light your way as they trine into Neptune providing you with insight and sensitivity as to what is buried in your unconscious and what it is that you may need to take action on. With Mercury still in Libra trining to Saturn in Aquarius, communicate honestly with your significant other or with those whom you trust and you should have little problem doping out your responsibilities as to what is truly required and expected of you. The trick is to separate from what the “woke” public expects of you and your actual responsibilities to your family and loved ones are. This can only be determined by looking into your own heart, assessing your own experience and common sense and coming to decisions that deal with prevailing issues from a real perspective of value and practicality. There should be a separation between what you believe is important and what the latest “woke” requirements for “fitting in” to following the crowd might be. Think for yourself! The media is filled with talking heads and ideologues determined to lead you and your behavior to their benefit.

Uranus has been in Taurus since March of 2019. We will have a lunar eclipse in Taurus with him on the 19th. Ground yourself. By now you should a have a pretty good idea about your unique abilities and the merit you’ve gained to your credit for what you have done thus far. Stay true to your path and keep your assets aligned with the most important goals. If you feel lost, used your intuition as opposed to allowing others to tell you what to do and how to behave. Your traditions and experience have taught you plenty about what is important. Common sense will keep you on the straight and narrow.

The Moon has started us in November from the sixth house in Virgo. It is imperative that you keep yourself in a healthy state. You’ve done it so far. You don’t need “Balance of Nature” and you don’t need a “3 Week Quick-Start.” Keep your nutrition focused in a tradition frame and pay attention to what your body has a taste for. Almost always, your body urges will point you toward what contains the nutrients that you might lack. Also, if you are feeling at all depressed, physical exercise and movement always breaks the grip of depression by getting everything flowing. Depression is a halting of energy. Movement gets it going again.

Think for yourself. Do what you feel is right. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear…

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