Happy Birthday Scorpio 2020

This year it’s all about relationships and communication. At this point, you may have some wisdom, but ask yourself, do you have a need to control the conversation? Your third house of communication is loaded with planets activating your organizational skills, choices of what you will sacrifice and what you’re willing to work for. How strong is your push to dominate due to your feeling that you must show others that you have it all together or might not if someone interferes?

You also have things happening in your relationship house which is intensely connected to your communications. This is a time of sorting out who you think will be useful and who you will allow to teach you lessons about yourself. Of course, they won’t be allowed to know that they’re doing that, but nonetheless you may acknowledge, if only to yourself, that they are teaching you something about yourself and what might make a growth oriented relationship work for you.

It’s time that you actually decided what you want in a relationship and who might have those qualities. The days of keeping everyone mystified by you has come to a close. Now it’s time to be real. Now it’s time to commit to a path that will either keep your perceived dominance or choose to allow yourself to be vulnerable to the rejection or acceptance of others. Be aware that what you have is nowhere near as important as who you are or who you think you are. A relationship is a mirror. Your acceptance by others is a compliment to how you feel about yourself. Your rejection by them is a wakeup call to address your shadow and what you attempt to deny about yourself through attributing it to others.

Assets, “respect” and image are a poor substitute for feeling loved and trusted. This is the time to put it all on the table and allow the chips to fall where they may. This is the time to allow others to choose you over your projected image. You are lovable you know. You’ve just been trained through neglect that you’re not. You just have to give others the opportunity to choose you…

November 2020 Astrolights

No one is who they appear to be. You will know others by their works not their words. There are a tremendous amount of people telling you what to do, think, feel, and want. The truth is, they do that to see what you choose. Why? Because they don’t know for themselves and have forgotten how to choose based on thinking for themselves. This month and all that is happening will leave many people feeling like they’re a basket case. Not only are Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius on the 17th and 19th respectively, but we have Jupiter conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn again on the 12th, Mars going direct in Aries on the 14th, Neptune turning direct in Pisces on the 29th and we have a lunar eclipse occurring in Gemini on the 30th. Talk about a power packed month…or powerless depending on how you look at it. Where do we begin?

When it’s storming outside, it’s best to go inside. This is our first step toward sanity. We can’t push against the river, but we can surely step on shore and have a better assessment of our situation. Jupiter’s conjunction with Pluto on the 12th will encourage us to follow the crowd. Mars turning direct in Aries on the 14th will demand that we choose. Who will you follow? Those who promise security and benefit, or will you forsake “security” to touch your own spirit? Remember, the only security there is, is knowing that there is none. Yes. Read that again. Your most important freedom is your ability to still think for yourself. To survive, you must risk being deserted by the group if you are to feel self-respect and whole.

You will have until the 21st to act on your decision when the winter solstice occurs. This is the time to act. On the 29th, Neptune will turn direct in Pisces slowly clearing the haze letting you see if you’ve made the “right” decisions for you. The eclipse in Gemini on the 30th will give you people to share your decisions with. Listen but don’t make any rash decisions based of emotional hype. Think for yourself. On December 14th there will be a solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Your path will then become clear. Then, you will know what you must do or not. Keep your wits about you and trust only your heart. There are many people who have axes to grind and agendas to fulfill. You don’t want to get caught up in the frenzy.

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