Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2020

Returns are slowly beginning to come back in from past activities. All the actions you have been taking, good and bad, are bearing fruit. You might say karma is on the rise. You must become aware that all the situations that are occurring now are just the full circle of what you have already set-in motion over the last thirteen years. Completion will happen in January of 2021. You will have the full year coming to learn to become more receptive and accepting of your own circumstances as a result of your past choices. Don’t look to others to fix what you might feel is broken or unrelated to you. This is part of your own accumulation of actions. If you feel that you’re getting good returns, relish in jobs well done. If you don’t feel this way, it’s time to take a good hard look at what you have set in motion over the past thirteen years and assess your motives, choices and what you had originally expected to occur. Maybe things now require a different approach for you to feel productive and satisfied.

On the brightest side, this is probably one of the most creative periods you’ve had in a while. Invest your time in independent activities that allow you to explore places, people and avenues for creativity, whether they are artistic or simply expressing your sensitivities and feelings about the world around you. This creative time will create distance from some of the more serious issues that need to be dealt with. This distancing will allow you more objectivity for making cleaner decisions.

During this time siblings may take on more dominance. Make sure that your rapport with them has been or is becoming one that allows openness and free expression. We don’t want anyone holding grudges about something done or said in the past. This is a time to clear the air and make sure you clearly understand and accept each other’s perspectives. You don’t always have to go along with what they want but you do need to be aware of where they’re coming from.

December 2020 Astrolights

December is going to be a power packed month. Mars has turned direct on November 13th and a lunar eclipse in Gemini occurred on the 30th. This sets the stage for new directions, good and bad, for months, even years, to come. In Gemini it brings an intensification of all sorts of turmoil relative to communication – ballots, counting, litigation and media. The 14th brings a tidal wave of changes continuing on the 17th, 19th, and the 21st.

The solar eclipse on the 14th is in Sagittarius. This brings crises’ in culture, values, customs, and education (including media). But, based on the changes demanded by the “modified” opinions of the general public by the media, the conflict has become overwhelming and intolerable. The year’s buildup of venom and resentment have created an explosive atmosphere.

On the 17th and 19th, respectively, Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius. The implications for social unrest and scientific emphasis are staggering. Saturn is again in his rulership. Saturn in the sign of humanitarianism brings a pressure that runs contrary to the current social preference toward tribal dominance. This bring tremendous suppression and censorship of free expression which is so desperately needed for the easing of social tensions. Saturn’s arrival compresses the energies that live under the Aquarian rule of Uranus. On the 19th Jupiter also moves into Aquarius. True to form, Jupiter will expand what it touches. Unless order is brought on quickly, the explosive possibilities are off the scale.

On the 21st the Moon moves into Aries, the first quarter of physical action approaching Mars who is also still in Aries. This creates an approaching Square to Pluto in Capricorn. On the same day the Winter Solstice occurs with the Sun moving into Capricorn and Jupiter conjuncting Saturn in Aquarius. Winter Solstice always speaks of new cycles.

On the 30th the Moon will become full in Cancer. As we all know, this is a Cancer country born on July 4th. This full Moon should tell us what kind of country we will become and what we have lost in values and traditions by allowing ourselves to follow the media and the left-wing agenda.

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