Happy Birthday Pisces 2021

How do you communicate your sensitivities? Your intuition is available through your physical senses now. That is, when you feel something of an intangible nature, it seems to resonate in some fashion through your body. If you’re aware enough, then you’ve been consciously working on attempting to interpret it into a way to deal with it and communicate it to others. If not, you’ve been having sudden aches or pains from what seems to be an indescribable source. Your task at this point is to learn to separate self from not self. One of the major lessons of the Pisces is to feel empathy and be able to recognize if what you feel is yours or is being radiated by someone else.

A simple exercise to learn to get a handle on this type of discrimination is as follows. Before you participate in an event that may cause you some discomfort, like a stressful family gathering or addressing a difficult boss, sit in a quiet space for a few minutes. Go inside yourself and ask, “How do I feel at this moment?” Listen quietly and pay attention to any images that may surface. Comprehend the content as best you can and attempt to put what you feel into words so you might be able to clearly explain it to someone else. This will crystalize it in your own mind so you may feel it almost as a tangible or logical explanation. This will also give it form so you might eliminate some of its tendency to escape our perception by becoming elusive. When you feel comfortable that you have a clear understanding of how you feel, proceed to the event.

When you get to the event, participate for a short time, then retreat for a few minutes to the bathroom, outside, or some place you could be alone for a few minutes. Now, repeat the same process. When you are able to describe how you feel, compare it to how you felt before the event. The difference in how you felt before the event and how you feel now is what you have empathized or absorbed from others in the event. These feelings are not yours. Doing this exercise again and again will make you much more familiar with your own feelings and enable you to detach from what others are projecting. Pisces is naturally more empathetic than other signs. What you empathize from others, you often assume are your own feelings while then having tremendous difficulty understanding why you feel the way you do. Your Piscean lesson is to learn to recognize who and what you are picking up from others through empathy and then to understand and accept that it is not your own nor your responsibility to fix it for them. This repeated exercise will allow you to develop a clear understanding of what is not self. This will clarify who and what you are responsible for. This will also enable you to know where and when you should apply compassion when you choose which is one of the higher hallmark values of your Sun sign.

During this time you may also find that journaling may be tremendously beneficial for you. Through your journaling, many of your fears and forgotten past experiences will surface enough for you to recognize them for what they are and deal with them accordingly. This year is a time of emotional cleansing and purging. Take advantage of it and have courage. You have nothing to lose but your chains!

March 2021 Astrolights

This month’s opportunities are for purging and healing. We begin with the Sun, Venus and Neptune in Pisces in the twelfth house. Sun brings our unconscious undoing’s to the surface. Neptune brings our fears to awareness and Venus gives us the choices we have for alternatives for healthier beliefs and behavior. Our best option to start will be to talk out these things with people we respect and admire. They often can see us in a way we can’t see ourselves and are the people who best reflect the values we currently hold whether they are self-productive or self-destructive. Listen carefully. The people who attract our attention, good and bad, represent those qualities within ourselves that we need to attend. Get the information you need then retreat into yourself to plan your revised commitments.

With Uranus being in our second house of resources and self-image, we’ve lately been given flashes of intuition on how to best use our resources and practicalities to give us a solid foundation in how we see ourselves. With Mars having been there for almost two months and moving into Gemini in our communications house on the 4th, this will give extra impetus for us to talk about the potential changes we could make over the next four years with those close to us.

On the 13th we have a new Moon in Pisces. This gives us a solid start in ferreting out pesky and self-destructive beliefs and patterns or start new ones. Mercury moves into Pisces also on the 15th. This gives power and a better understanding on how to speak about such things.

On the 20th the Sun moves into Aries heralding the spring equinox. This is the official beginning for the new endeavors we will be initiating in this next year. We must choose carefully and not allow any fears or self-doubt to interfere. The 21st brings Venus into Aries encouraging our pioneering spirit for our new projects.

Finally, on the 28th the Moon becomes new in Libra bringing our loved ones in on our equinox projects. Allow others to share in the excitement after you have set the standards for how you want to accomplish your goals. It’s always best to begin things independently so the doubts and concerns of others have no effect on your efforts and intentions. Enjoy the month!

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