Happy Birthday Libra 2021

Your mind is totally alive with all kinds of creative ideas. The only problem is that there are way too many of them to do them all. There’s only one of you. Choose carefully as you don’t want to scatter your energy. Most of them involve some sort of balance so, whether it’s physical, emotional or mental, invest in engineering the refinement of your life preferences.

Communication is becoming much more important to you; however, you don’t have a willing circle of friends who have enough awareness to return a competent conversation. Most people are currently too concerned with the political and medical crises to consider anything so philosophical or non-tangible. And when you do encounter those who are willing to converse, righteous indignation is most of what you perceive. Even Fakebook has only been providing ranters and those who feel helpless to do anything about their own situation. Others just want some attention and recognition that they can’t get from the current available lifestyle. The next best thing would be to write about what you know, observe and understand about the coming outcomes.

This has driven you to become more accommodating in your relationships simply to have intelligent conversation. Yet, those close to you now are needing more than a modicum of freedom to purge the pressures that they are encountering in their lives. Their families are taking a toll on their free time. Yet, they feel obligated to oblige.

Keeping a journal and devoting more time to your health and well-being will be your best course of action now or, at least, until the smoke clears from our current pandemic crisis. Going underground except where assistance is needed by your loved ones will be your best course of action.

If you have children, proper discipline and open communications are of dramatic necessity in the current health environment. Children need to understand the dangers we face but also must be taught to think and judge for themselves without letting the panic of others overtake their blossoming judgment. The majority of people are afraid and are in disbelief about what’s happening at the same time. Develop your inner light, keep a lid on runaway feelings and learn to pull back and observe others, how they act and why. Observing others now is an education in itself. Be safe. Take reasonable precautions and, above all, think and do for yourself and your loved ones.

October 2021 Astrolights

We begin the month with a new Moon in Libra on the 6th while Pluto also turns direct in Capricorn. After so many blunders have occurred in our political system, the results of these changes are about to hit the fan. Saturn turns direct in Aquarius on the 11th. Things are about to get a lot tighter for those of us to make sense of anything we hear while trying to support ourselves and our family.

On the 18th Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius both turn direct. The Moon then becomes full in Aries on the 20th. The question now is how much are we actually allowed to decide and do on or own without being interfered with by others? What must we share? What of our own values is still under our own control? The White House cabal has seriously encroached on our autonomy. Granted there is a pandemic but how much of this is overinflated fear is being generated by them simply to manage our lives in a way that is more beneficial to them than us? Jupiter’s and Saturn’s presence are forcing us to be more “considerate” of the general public but restrictive on our participation in it? If science has proven that the masks are ineffective, why are we still wearing them? If the White House is so concerned with our health and welfare, why are they sneaking thousands of infected and vaccinated illegal aliens into our country and distributing them throughout? Why are those who have already had Covid and have antibodies 27 times more effective than the inoculation being ignored and they are still being forced to take it? Neptune in Pisces and his connection to unconscious fear has been giving the White House cabal a field day with our welfare, let alone, our emotions. Fear mongering has taken a death grip on our once productive culture. We can no longer believe what we are being told by the media or our administration. As the Sun and Mars move into Scorpio on the 23rd and the 30th, respectively, we can only expect more behind the scenes encroachment. This is truly a Pluto return for its position in Capricorn. The last time this occurred was the revolution around 1776. The time prior was the Protestant Reformation in 1517 and the time prior to that was the Magna Carta in 1215. Additionally, the only difference between us and the fall of Rome is the speed of the fall by virtue of our swift communication ability. Portland is still burning while Nero reads the teleprompter...

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