Happy Birthday Libra 2020

Communication will be a dominant focus for you. This not only includes how you will express yourself but also how and even if other people will hear what you’re saying. What may be even farther removed is if they will understand you.

Sharing is a very important characteristic that Libra is working on developing. Everyone has some Libra in their chart but not everyone has access to the qualities it brings or the to the ability to do something with them. At this time in our history, there are way too many people who are listening to too many other people let alone understanding what is being said. No one knows any more than you. Libra, you are certainly no exception and it is probably harder in these days to refine communication and understanding, let alone, achieve some sort of acknowledgment of what you are trying to get across. Under the stress we all are living, especially within this Covid disaster, many of us are living in a bubble and afraid to venture out into the world, physically or emotionally. Fear of being exposed to something beyond our control is rampant.

Many things have changed structurally in how we live and the undercurrents are much larger and more wide spread than they have been since World War II. Covid and our toxic political climate has made our landscape into, essentially, a no-mans-land. So many people are in hiding from the professed viral threat that relating has become much more urgent and sporadic while making each encounter we have with those left more singular and intense. This makes us wonder if we will ever be able to even approach any sense of normalcy again. The pressure to feel any kind of closeness or security is off the charts.

Rather than allowing the fear and insecurity to pull us outside of ourselves to look for purpose and self-validation in the changing world, rather look inside to the simpler things. Look to nature. Look to your own independent projects that give you personal joy. Learn to enjoy your own company. Granted, being raised as a Libra has, essentially, trained you into people pleasing for personal recognition, but this is a time we need to take advantage of the circumstances toward addressing our rapport with our inner self. Forget about “soul mates” and all the outer world things you think you need to complete you as a person. You already are a person. Start paying more attention to who you are beyond your social contact and interchange. Start asking, aside from being with others, what makes you happy?

October 2020 Astrolights

With Mars in opposition to the vernal equinox, we have our work cut out for us. We have been set against each other by people who are crazed with regaining power. With Mars retrograde in Aries, we are being reminded that we should be taking independent action and independently thinking for ourselves about how we are wanting things in our own personal world to be. Allowing the media to tell us what is true and what is not is like letting the weather determining how our body should digest its food. We must start thinking for ourselves and stop parroting external narratives. With that being said, let’s move on.

Our major transit this month in Pluto turning direct in Capricorn on the 4th. Any issues dealing with authority and official business are now moving forward onto new ground. As the Moon moves to the first quarter in Cancer on the 10th and Mars is still retrograde in Aries, this creates a T-square with the stellium in Capricorn emptying into Libra. Relationships come into focus and issues of balance, security and fairness will face tremendous stress. It’s important that we take our time, work slowly and evenly and listen to each other. Mars in Aries creates an impatient push to plow through whatever is being dealt with. Tempers may flare. Be patient with others and yourself.

On the 14th Mercury will turn retrograde in Scorpio. It will create an approaching opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Anything involving resources and finances will fall into a push pull battle. Do not begin anything that will require longevity until Mercury turns direct on November 3rd. When the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 22nd, you will be able to see what can be done but will be unable to create any sense of consistency until Mercury finally goes direct.

On the 28th both Mercury and Venus will move into Libra. This will allow us to start smoothing out some of the personal difficulties that have recently come up. When the Moon becomes full in Taurus on the 31st, we should be able to see what tangible changes are set to come about. Be patient. October will be full of tension and erratic occurrences. Hold tight. After the election everything will break free.

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