Happy Birthday Leo 2021

Your pride has been on the line of late. The first thing to ask is what of that is getting triggered? The second to ask will be what kind of trouble will it get you in to? One of the first things to understand about your Sun sign is that typically you assume that other people are either cognizant and/or following the values and protocols that you believe are true and proper. You assume that they know. You also assume that they care. I have news for you. Unless they care for you personally, they’re probably not even listening let alone care about what you think or feel. It’s not because you’re a good or bad person. It is simply that they are involved in their own stuff so deeply that they don’t even notice that there is someone else involved let alone you. In all this your first and best option is to not take things they do or say, or don’t do, personally. If you do, then you will be triggered or insulted and probably do or say something that gets you into trouble. Then when you hear, “I didn’t know that you…” you will feel puzzled and perhaps a little embarrassed. Learn to let the world be and do what it does. It’s not all about you, even if you believe it should be. Right now, your priorities and values are being reset. Listen and pay attention.

Health issues, especially stomach, bones, teeth, gums and cartilage may be of concern right now. Follow through on whatever must be done to mitigate minor illnesses or issues.

Relationships are testing your responsibilities and accountability now. The question becomes, whom are you responsible to and for what? This brings us back to the first issue concerning your pride. As you expect of others, and usually don’t inform them but just assume they will comply, they may likely not know what it is that you want or expect of them. In today’s times, especially with all the accusations of prejudice and hypocrisy people demand and even expect others to submit to their demands simply because of their prevalent feelings of entitlement generated through minority and leadership race baiting. Now, more than ever, it is important to speak up for what you believe and what you want. However, do not expect others to comply. Simply state your position and let it go. Your assertions will change little if not nothing but it will eject you from being a target for being used by others. Most whiners and complainers look for easy marks to take advantage of. An egotistical perspective will make that very easy for them. Don’t take the bait.

This is the time for you to personify the dignified qualities that Leo is known for exemplifying. Follow you own rules. Let others follow theirs and you will be able to stand your ground on the things that you believe in.

August 2021 Astrolights

We begin the month with the new Moon in Leo highlighting issues which might appear to be connected to our pride but actually are now indicative of issues resonating at a much deeper level for all of us. There now seems to be a very big difference in the behavior of many people in general between now and two years ago. Part of the change is a result of accusations by small social groups emboldened by the official gaslighting and the abandoning of policies that have, until six months ago, preserved our welfare, safety, privacy, individual security and national sovereignty. This has been “radically” changing our perspective on how we believe we are “allowed” to live our lives and what we can expect to come in the near future if our founding fathers’ policies and traditions are not restored.

On July 29th Jupiter retrograded back into Aquarius. Remembering that Jupiter’s influence blows things out of proportion so that they may be recognized and dealt with, we can see that humanitarianism and our treatment of each other needs to be returned to basing it on thinking for ourselves and our right to choose how we wish to treat and be treated by others. A few minority groups are pushing past the limits of what they think they should be allowed to expect from society in their attempt to gain the upper hand of the use of the power being wielded by those in authority. By assuming to make the majority of our culture appear as oppressors through assuming the role of victim, they are pressing to take control of how we all live our lives and who is more “deserving” of the benefits that our society provides as an opportunity for all who wish to work for and earn them. With Neptune remaining in Pisces as Jupiter leaves, the wisdom that was comprehensible about who is being used and why is now no longer available. Those who believe that they are gaining the advantage are still the ones being used by a historically larger subversive force. With the south node still in Sagittarius, we know that the differences being pressed are again cultural and racial. On the 22nd of this month the Moon becomes full at the critical 29 degrees of Aquarius augmenting the effects of Jupiter’s retreat back into Aquarius.

On a different note, Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus on the 20th. The sudden changes in how we support ourselves will ease a bit. Venus’ move into Libra is now becoming instrumental in working together with our significant others to pool our resources to make ends meet. With five planets retrograde, things should slow down enough for us to get a grip on life’s prior speedy progression. Be patient. Trust yourself and believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

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