Happy Birthday Gemini 2021

How you come across to others is an important aspect of your rapport with the world this year. Consistency is important but you must also be aware of all the different options available to you. Don’t bounce back and forth between subjects and their options as Gemini normally has a habit of doing. If you can keep a solidly wide minded focus, the world will be your oyster.

This year charm will also be an asset. Your way with words will be an almost mesmerizing characteristic that you can use to present your wishes and ideas to others. It will make you a winner provided you don’t allow your ego to gain power over the potential of your quick cutting tongue. You can catch more flies with honey than with a sword….although the sword may occasionally be necessary if you’re sized up as being a victim. There are those who see consideration and compassion as a weakness.

Changes in your relationship are on the horizon. Freedom to be and do what you want will be an issue for you and your partner. Treat others the way you wish to be treated and understand that you can’t have it both ways even if your charm shows you the opening for you to have the upper hand. Only fairness will work. Anything else will only cause eventual resentment on both parts.

Your career has also made a turn. You may begin to feel used or you may see the opportunity to use others. People may begin to pop us using their helplessness and a wedge to create advantage through causing pity and guilt in their superiors. Don’t be one of them. Although you also have the ability, you must resist the urge to put others in an obligatory position by making them feel sorry for or owing to you.

Your motivation now will have a heavy basis in providing security for yourself. It’s better that you let the chips fall where they may rather than creating a situation that may provide you security now but turn into a prison later. Allow the universe to unfold. Use your flexibility to roll with the punches. In the long run you will find yourself in an uncontrived position allowing you a lot more freedom than if you had shaped a secure box you might end up feeling limited by.

June 2021 Astrolights

June begins with a roller coaster of effects. We can assume a slow buildup of pressure throughout the month. The trigger is the solar eclipse in Gemini occurring on the 10th. Obviously, Mercury’s retrograde during this month will have a profound effect. We know his retrograde will bring past communications, or lack of same, to the forefront. We know that a major focus of our conflicting energy will come from the square peaking on the 14th between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. I will keep this on a relationship level but as I explain you will see the parallels to world events.

Saturn’s position in Aquarius has been leaning toward establishing a new set of values in our relationships. A lot of water has already gone under the bridge putting the values in our relationships on a new and unfamiliar footing. The push to do interpersonal things in a different way runs at cross purposes to how our interactions have proceeded traditionally. That is, the old traditions that we have been brought up with have been over-shouted and perhaps overrun with new ideas based on equalizing the male female interactions and role models that we have traditionally aligned ourselves with through the centuries.

I, for one, appreciate the differences between the male/female role models as it gives a resoundingly familiar cultural flavor of manners, respect, pleasure, challenge, accountability and a whole repertoire mimicking how nature produces such beautiful world of color, intensity, and flavor in the relationship between the sexes. You might say it gives veracity to the romanticizing of the procreation of our species.

I do not support dominance of one sex over the other. Each has their own special place in nature. But our contemporary culture has become emaciated and starved in its ability for its children to be able to actualize themselves with any confidence, accountability and proficiency. This has been taught through trying to nullify our differences. They have been taught that the “equity” of the outside world now determines who they are and what they should be capable of. They have also been taught that it is the difference between the sexes and races that has caused the incapacitation of each other. The “other” has become the enemy. Uni-sexuality and racial equity have become the “cure.” Saturn in Aquarius has been pushing toward an increasing uniformity and nullifying our identity differences. Do we really want gender neutrality? Uranus in Taurus is moving to prevent that and is attempting return to valuing (Taurus) the personal qualities that extol our merit based on our individual efforts and characteristic differences. The square between Saturn and Uranus is bringing this to a head. The question is, do we really want to become homogenized?

When Mercury goes direct on the 22nd this issue will become a lot clearer to those who are struggling with it. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will turn retrograde on the 20th and 25th respectively bringing this conflict to consciousness. Then, the re-balancing of compassion and the way we identify as humans will, hopefully, have a chance to restore itself.

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