Happy Birthday Capricorn 2020

How you see yourself and what you value is and has been slowly manifesting toward a new coalescence. You are not finished with your tremendous shift. Perhaps the physical emphasis that has been so strongly with you for the last three and a half years is not meaning so much anymore. Granted, you are an earth sign but the emphasis on earthly circumstances has been morphing into a more social or even humanitarian perspective. No, you won’t lose your down to earth practical viewpoint, but your focus will now be more on how your mind prepares you for your new goals during your daily concerns. Your tendency for sacrifice is being expanded to include a much wider group of people than just your family and co-workers. Since what you’re working toward is shifting, your values concerning how you get there is also. For a Capricorn, this is an earth-moving blossoming. If you resist, you will be left in the dust dealing with minutia and at the same time end up questioning why you’re still doing what you’re doing and no longer getting results. Let go and move with the flow.

Your changing values may seem elusive and even irrational but bear with the times. You’re being led to a new format for your actions. In these times opportunism has no place. You must consider what is best, not only for you, but for the larger whole. This does not mean you have to give up your hopes and dreams but that they must now including a wider understanding on how they can integrate with you, your family and the larger society you’re assisting to build. Possessiveness, “ownership” and “clan affiliation” will only imprison you in personal squabbles and a small-minded sea of details. You must broaden your ambitions to include a wider perspective for your goals.

The feeling that others have been working at cross purposes to you since July will finally abate on approximately January 7th. Then your resources and opportunities will start to line up and remain strong until March 5th. Anything of any consequence that you need to have energy for or put into motion should be organized and activated by that date. That will insure a powerful initiation and continuity. This should give you a fantastic spring! Stay in the saddle and gear up! Things are about to start moving at a gallop!

January 2021 Astrolights

The firestorm is not quite over. After a power packed month of controversy and stress, we have a new Moon in Capricorn conjuncting Pluto on the 13th. The changes that have been brewing are now, essentially, “etched in stone.” The day after the new Moon on the 14th Uranus turns direct in Taurus. Taurus rules our finances, possessions, resources, and how we value ourselves. Uranus manifests unexpected and/or sudden changes. Three days after turning direct Uranus is Squared by Jupiter from Aquarius. This will bring tremendous pressure on how we view and handle those Taurean qualities. The square of Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus makes those resources accessible to those who aren’t within the sphere of those who we consciously and willingly support.

We may now have less of a say in how our resources are applied by those outside of our family unit. Since our bodies are part of our possessions and resources, we may have even less of a say in who has access to it. On the outer edges, this may mean that we may have no say in rejecting a mandatory vaccine if we wish to participate in public functions. As the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th and the Moon moves into the first quarter in Taurus on the 20th and the Sun conjuncts Saturn on the 24th the vaccination requirements we fear may be legislated (Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces squaring the nodes).

On the 28th the Moon becomes full in Leo. This in combination with Jupiter and Saturn moving into Aquarius will become a rude awakening for the generation with Pluto in Leo (1937-1957). The opposition will bring awareness as all oppositions eventually do. The assumed power and control held by them for so long will begin to evaporate like a mouth on cotton candy. The torch will gradually be passed to the Pluto in Virgo generation (1957-1971) who will then assume the reins of power and control. This generation is in process of slowly learning that the service they refused to give their elders is now undermining them (Neptune in Pisces) relative to their own children and how they have encouraged them to look out for themselves rather than consider the needs of and service toward others.

When we get to the 30th Mercury will turn retrograde in Aquarius. Things will slow down a bit and we will have the space to examine the major changes we have been through and converse about them. Remember, this is NOT a time to begin new endeavors, sign contracts or expect easy communication with others. Contemplate, ponder, and adjust things that have already been done that don’t quite live up to what you’ve expected of them. This is a time for adjustment and reflection. Mercury will turn direct on February 21st. Then we can begin anew.

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