Happy Birthday Cancer 2021

Children and their education are the biggest focus for us now. There schooling must be looked at very closely now that the pandemic threat has receded. Reading, writing and arithmetic are extremely important for them to be able to get along in life with any semblance of success not to mention their learning to socialize effectively. Cancer is the sign of traditions and they are the vehicles we use for maintaining the consistency and order in our culture. Changing them gradually is a good idea but only slowly as our culture changes. There is a current battle going on in our culture to change it more quickly in ways that remove the familiar ways we look at life. Male and female separations have been markers for understanding ourselves and our roles in our cultures for a millennium. It must be maintained. History has given us a long track record to understand how any new changes may affect us. It must continue being taught. We must not be reduced to seeing each other as an oppressor or the oppressed. We are and have been much better than that. This solstice on June 21st is a good place to strengthen our reserve to regain and maintain the way we lived before the pandemic. Starting June 22nd we will have the time to slow down and catch our breath.

As a Cancer country, our birthday occurs on July 4th. We are essentially a compassionate people. The Statue of Liberty is a testament to that fact. We are multicultural and mixed race and have always been so. The Sun’s movement into Cancer on the 21st is a reminder that safety, security and charity for all citizens begins at home. This month is a challenge for all of us to think for ourselves regardless of what outside sources or newly “self-appointed” authorities may tell us.

This month we must ask ourselves, who are the authorities that we acquiesce to? What kind of example am I going to set for my family with the behavior that I put forward to the world? What are the values that I hold in my heart? This month let’s look deeply into our own hearts to know what to believe. Let’s trust our own experience. Shut off the TV, close the newspaper, shut the radio, get off the cellphone and put some quality time into our family and traditions. Let’s take good long look at what is important to us…not to the media, not to our neighbors and not to our work associates. This solstice is time to go inside ourselves and truly listen. Take a breath. Listen to your heart. No one can hear you or see you when you do. Regroup and decide which tradition we want to keep, which to change and why.

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Our month begins with the Moon in its reorientation phase relative to the Sun in Cancer ruling home, traditions and the family patterns that we have established over a millennia ago. As the Sun moves into an opposition with Pluto in Cancer on the 18th, we have to ask ourselves, “How much of an effect should the public, the media, newspapers, our neighbors, and our work associates have on the way we run our lives and provide for our families?” Should we become “woke?” Should we become an “anti-racist?” Should we eliminate our cherished traditional holidays in favor of non-denominational acronyms? Do we owe reparations to a minority race due to the actions of our ancestors? Should we allow sex education in grammar school? Should we acquiesce to “gender dysphoria” and “trans-sexuality” in our children? Do we want “critical race theory” (CRT) taught to our children? Do we want them to be taught to hate our country and themselves because of their race? I think not.

Our own childhood values, let alone those of our children, are under physical and emotional assault. Saturn’s sojourn into Aquarius last December has brought an onslaught of value conflicts in nearly every walk of life. The baby is in dire risk of being thrown out with the bathwater in this sweeping push to dissolve the family structure and the values of life we have grown up with for the last 245 years. An over reaching government is again attempting to make us dependent on them. This is essentially a Pluto return to its original position in Capricorn in 1776. Our country is having a Pluto return. The solid ground beneath our feet is cracking. What do we hold on to? We must choose.

We are faced with a tsunami of potential change in the way we value ourselves and our traditions. The square of Saturn with Uranus culminating on the 15th has brought this struggle to a raging climax of riots, destruction, murder and racial and gender brainwashing. We must consider these things now. Leaving them to fester and build will make it almost impossible to reverse when Saturn passes Uranus in Taurus for the last time in December. This aspect will complete itself on Christmas Eve this year.

One saving grace is that Chyron went into Aries in May of 2018 and will stay there until May of 2027. Will we heal ourselves and learn to trust our own heart and counsel again or will we fold to social pressure and the media and end up like Winston Smith in 1984 who was tortured into believing that 2+2=5? The choice is ours to take while we still have the opportunity. If we wait until Christmas, it will be gone.

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