Happy Birthday Aries 2021

Verbalizing what’s inside of you and knowing what you want is at the forefront of what should be attended to. This is the time to make those things conscious and pair them with your intention. I say intention because the usual Aries modus operandi is to simply follow their instincts and impulses while leaving the thinking for later. More is required now. It’s important that you are consciously aware of what you are doing rather than operating on automatic response while bypassing your reasoning abilities. This is also to say that you shouldn’t swing the other way and base all your decisions and actions on only logic and common sense. The amount of control you exert over yourself and others is being tested now. You must develop a balance between them and equally use of both faculties. The challenge now for Aries is knowing when to use which.

The Aries energy imbues a person with a strong will and goal-oriented focus. For their own lessons and events, this is decidedly a valuable asset. However, what’s important to realize is that there is not only one way to accomplish a task. One of the hardest things for Aries to understand, let alone allow, is that people must find their own way and live their own lives according to their own history and experience. Often and even more so now in current times, Aries feels that another person may not be doing something their way or fast enough and believes that they must either take over or tell them how to do it “properly.” Many people have been successful in ways foreign to Aries. Not allowing others to do things their way is another of Aries’ challenges to overcome this year.

Independence is one of the greatest objectives for someone with Aries energy. Healing for you now comes in the form of doing things independently and verifying the validity you hold of your own self-worth. Letting others help or assist you is not an inference of your inability of being or doing something well enough. Sometimes it just comes from the love of a partner. Other times it can come from someone attempting to diminish your worth and make you feel obligated. You must learn to recognize the difference. Allowing someone to do for you their way is also a sign of your love for them.

This year, reading, writing and communicating are extremely important. It will allow you to see more options for what can be done and how. Discuss your assessments with others. Allowing the opinions of others to inform your decisions, but not direct you, with what you need to know to have a peaceful heart. Diversity is good but not at the expense of individual expression.

April 2021 Astrolights

We begin the equinox with the Sun conjuncting Chiron, the “planetoid” of healing and teaching. With Venus there it also brings light to our capacity for choice into the picture which is regulated by what our needs and wants are based on. Do you want a relationship because you don’t have one? Or do you want one to share what you have? Do you want freedom because you are somehow imprisoned or do you want it because it would enable you to explore without interference? Do you want something because you feel that it is something you lack or because you’re curious about how the rest of the world deals with it? With the Sun, Chiron and Venus all in Aries, our motivation for whatever we want or need is coming into question. On the 4th Mercury will join them in Aries making it much easier to talk about this and formulate an understanding of your own motivations. Why is what you consider important the fact that it is? Is it a reaction to your upbringing and past experiences or simply a choice to fulfill a heart felt path? This is the time for honest personal assessment.

On the 14th Venus will move into Taurus with the Sun moving there five days later on the 19th. What do you think is important? This must be decided from a practical perspective. This is the time to streamline your values so they align, feed and support each other. Conflicting values short circuit your self-confidence and thereby your effectiveness. Your cognitively dissonant values often constitutes the majority of the stress you feel. When your values are aligned and compatible with each other, your power in realizing them are exponentially augmented. When you stroke a magnet with a screwdriver in the same direction, it aligns the electrons and magnetizes the screwdriver. Align your values and magnetize your energy, attractiveness and effectiveness. It does take some honest work to divest yourself of inner contradictions but the benefits are phenomenal.

On the 23rd Mars moves into Cancer. This is a time to put energy and action into personal nourishment. That nourishment can take the form of any support for your body, mind or spirit. This can be your diet. This can be body building. This can be in terms of education, emotional support for yourself and others or even contributions to a worthy cause. This is a time to put your energy and money where your mouth is. Support the charity of your choice whether personal or humanitarian.

On the 27th we have a full Moon in Scorpio. Many things that have been hidden will come to light. On the same day Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn. Political “moving forward” will now take a pause with opportunities to either retrace our steps or revamp our direction. Our goals may shift based on what has been exposed by the full Moon. Choose carefully while allowing for possible interference from other’s resource use or influential ability. Remember, the Sun is in Taurus demanding the proper use of your resources. Don’t cut yourself off at the knees by caving in to the demands of those who don’t have your best interests at heart. Know your allies. Best of all, know your enemies – those who know how to capitalize on your believed deficiencies or personal value conflicts.

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