Happy Birthday Virgo 2020

How you appear to others and what they say about you is a tender spot right now. You may feel easily triggered by something someone might say about you even if it’s said in innocence. Count to ten and don’t take things personally. Not everyone knows or cares how you feel and are usually preoccupied with their own feelings about what they hear and see. You may even feel that what you express goes unnoticed or unacknowledged. Pay it no mind. There are much more important things to concern yourself with.

If you have kids, they will be demanding a lot of attention, either by request or the things that they do that require your participation or guidance. You may also have creative or artistic endeavors that have finally seen the light of day past responsibilities and distractions. However, you may find that your resources are limited where they are concerned and may need some help or assistance from your significant other to move toward their completion. Don’t be afraid to ask for help simply because you don’t want to be obligated to them down the road. That’s life…give and take. Do it graciously.

Finding the words for exactly how you feel and what you want to say may be a bit difficult now. You might want to talk around what you’re feeling so others might connect with your understanding on a feeling level. This might engender a bit more compassion on the part of others.

This is a time for you to look at your work habits, work environment and health. Are they amenable to what you want to do and how you want to feel? If not, a bit more organization might be in order. Don’t allow yourself to get swallowed by detail. Make things structurally sound and functional. The rest will take care of itself. This includes diet. Don’t get sucked in with fad dieting or overnight “success while you’re sleeping” dieting. In the long run, they will only do more harm than good. Slow, steady and evenly are the methods to be employed.

September 2020 Astrolights

On the 2nd we have a full Moon in Pisces. Dreams might be a bit closer to the surface of our consciousness when we awaken. Listen and journal if you can. They will give insight to our sensitivities and perception. They will be tied into our daily routines and health, especially, since the Sun is now in Virgo. Going back and reading them afterwards will bring you to a different headspace from when you were in the dream. Your perspective will have shifted, and you’ll understand the implications of the dreams much more clearly.

Mars stays in Aries for the month; however, he will turn retrograde on the 9th and give us an opportunity to adjust the new projects we have recently given energy to. Be patient but intuitive and allow your gut feeling to have sway over what you feel needs to be changed. Mars, when turning retrograde, will also begin an applying square to Saturn in Capricorn. When Jupiter turns direct in Capricorn on the 13th, pressures will increase dramatically. The square will grow in intensity through the month until the square culminates with Saturn passing Mars on the 29th. This should create increasing tension on our careers, our dealings with authority figures and build a pressure cooker on political issues. Violence is likely to be exacerbated more if at this point that is even possible. The nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius accentuate cultural and racial issues on the leading edge. Neptune’s continued presence in Pisces connected through its ruler, expansive Jupiter, won’t make matters any easier.

When Mercury moves into Scorpio, we will begin to see the secret finance sources behind our social unrest. “Leaking” will become the weapon of choice. Fur will start to fly and a long time conspiracy will be finally brought into the light. This will not only happen politically but with family structures also. Many con games will be “outed” and accountabilities will be drawn up and recognized. Saturn’s turn direct on the 29th will begin retribution.

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