Happy Birthday Leo 2020

Your intuition is in the spotlight right now. How much can you trust it? Will you allow yourself to be pulled into following the rules that everyone else has set up for you and others? Can you make your own decision free of recognition or approval seeking? These are questions that you must do a little soul searching to see if you’ve truly become your own person.

You’ve had a glimpse from March until July about what your upcoming responsibilities to yourself and others will be. Are you beginning to see that not everyone wants what you think they want? They want things from you that you can’t or won’t want to give them. Perhaps you should take a good look at what you are willing to give. It’s not always about being appropriate and following the rules. For some people, there are no rules. Status and social standing are on the way out. Advantage and possession are the ideal for the ill-mannered and uneducated. Pride is very much a player but not by virtue of who you are but of what influence you have. Can you, in good conscience, follow your own standards and remain satisfied? Being a “good” person has become very different for a whole lot of people. For some, it’s no longer important. Ask yourself, what is integrity? It’s being true to yourself. You’ve been having a glimpse of why that is necessary more now than ever before.

Paying attention to your health and your work environment takes priority now. Are you organized? Disciplined? These things should all be in place now. These are the things that will keep you focused and sane. Recognize how you are different from others in the way they do things. Their rules are not your rules. You must follow your own path. That means listening to your intuition rather than what and who you’ve been taught to do and be.

You must now find your security within yourself. Now, it’s about going inside and listening to that very small voice that has been heard in the background but drowned out by the loud voices of what others claim you should be. Time to stop, take a deep breath and listen. This has been a long time in coming.

August 2020 Astrolights

We have finished with the eclipse energy as of July 19. We now have a template for the issues that we will be dealing with for the next six months before the new eclipses. We also have a loaded tenth house with Moon, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. It opposes Mercury in Cancer and squares Mars in Aries. This is a T-square. The energy will be projected into the open end of Libra. This brings any issues dealing with political correctness to the surface. We will all be dealing with perspectives that posit us between what the public, our peer groups and family expect and now believe to be true and “proper” and its comparison with common sense and practicality. For almost all of us, this distils down to what we believe we should do and what is true for us and what others believe our responses and responsibilities should be toward them and the world. These decisions will be tough and personal and have far reaching effects on what follows. This will be a “deep clean” for our personal values. Independent thinking and action is now of the utmost importance.

The moon becomes full in Aquarius on the 3rd. This brings our humanitarianism and social responsiveness to the forefront. This will be in square with Uranus in Taurus. This brings our attention to what we believe we owe others in terms of social obligations. There are many wild and outrageous claims that specific groups are making on us. Many of them are, of course, irrational and the ravings of uneducated and brainwashed people. There are claims of oppression, systemic prejudice and demands for reparations for the deeds of our ancestors. With Pluto and Jupiter still in Capricorn, many of their claims will never see solid ground. Nevertheless, it is forcing a rehashing of our values and expectations while requiring us to speak up for what we might still consider to be the basis of our culture and history. Hopefully, our judicial and legislative bodies will remain rooted in practicality, common sense, and equality before the law. Otherwise, our lifeboats will be drowned with violent petitioners.

With the nodes having moved into Gemini and Sagittarius, it has become a necessary but dangerous time to express our views and make our positions known. As Mercury moves into Leo on the 5th, we should maintain our dignity and be tactful yet direct abut how we feel. Don’t get pulled into verbal brawls. It could easily become physical. This will be true even between family members. This is not a time to go off half-cocked and raving about what we’ve been told we should have and be by others who say they will hold our coat while we go fight for their causes. Do what’s necessary for yourself. Stick to practicalities and essentials when dealing with those who idealistically rant and rave. They must come to a point where the force behind them will eventually peter out. Be merciful in their embarrassment when they do.

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