Happy Birthday Cancer 2020

Your insight into the world of feelings is at its peak now. You also have the ability to put it into words what others can’t see and understand that you can see and understand about their moods and intuition. Don’t let this time go to waste. Tell others what you see and know. But because your sign, Cancer, rules security, there is also a very strong undercurrent of doubt within you making you think that others won’t receive well what it is you sense about them and that they will push you away because you make them self-conscious and afraid of what you know about them. You must push past this. This is a gift that you must share if you are to allow your abilities for seeing the root of things to manifest. Your calling is all about understanding the roots of your feelings about yourself and why and how others feel about themselves the way they do. To tap into this in yourself and others is to tap into the potential you have to surpass your current awareness about your limitations. This month brings a solar eclipse which heralds the beginnings and endings concerning the potential given to you in your heritage. Don’t let the opportunity pass.

With this potential comes the opportunity to see, clearly, the responsibilities you have with your significant others. This may also give you an opportunity to choose if you are to remain with them as they are and allow their patterns to dominate, or to risk rocking the boat by exposing frail reasoning behind how and why they stay with you. In some cases, there will be a recognition of the untapped power that you might share. In others, there may be the exposure of opportunism in play in the relationship. As I said, this is a time of insight for you. Tread carefully and don’t jump to conclusions. The hardest part is being honest with yourself past your insecurities.

Speaking of opportunities, this is also a time where you are able to see how those close to your support or undermine others. This will reveal patterns that your significant others use when they are unobserved. Understand that they may be used on you but may be working below your own understanding of your own insecurities. You may find them supportive or undermining to you. Again, a time of insight.

Lastly, many of us may work from an unconscious or unaware perspective. Don’t assume that someone who affects your wellbeing negatively is doing so out of malice. Many people acting strictly out of survival and are unaware of how they are affecting you. Have compassion. Be insightful. Gently tell others what you see. Then let nature run its course. You may be surprised at their response.

July 2020 Astrolights

We are currently under a pattern of three eclipses. We’ve just had a solar eclipse in Cancer on June 21st. This, hopefully, has brought tremendous insight into our insecurities as connected to our roots. On July 1st Saturn, who is retrograde, will return to Capricorn. This will retrace our actions of the past three and a half years and give us the opportunity to adjust any of the patterns we have put in play. More closely, it will rewind the movie that occurred in April and May and give us a little better insight as to what has transpired leading to our current situations. June’s solar eclipse has shown us the weak spots in our security. It is now up to us to either close the weak spots or submit to the disintegration that they have created. We must rebuild while closing the loopholes that destructive opportunists in power have squeezed through. We have become way too complacent in letting the media telling what the world is like. We must think for ourselves and choose a path that is independent of what has become “politically correct” in the prevailing social perspectives.

Mars’ move into Aries tells us of the independence we must align with in our actions. Coming into square with Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn will make this much more difficult as forces are working in crosscurrents to what is needed. What we’re feeling here is a struggle between the means justifying the end and the end justifying the means. We must become clear on the values that we want to hold ourselves and others to. The lunar eclipse occurring on the 5th in Capricorn will give us an opportunity to do just that. On the 11th Mars moves into his north node giving us the opportunity to take a higher road in our actions. We must find the courage to more walk our talk than talk our walk. The time is here for us to quietly put things in place that will save our culture and traditions despite the assaults they have received. Violence may get attention, but quiet persistence usually wins out in the long run. As Mercury turns direct in Cancer on the 12th, what and how we need to do this will become clearer.

As the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd, our vitality for what we need to do will begin to return. Set aside some time for play and relaxation. We’ve been through a hard road and most of us need the rest.

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