Happy Birthday Gemini 2020

Your concentration will be on hidden issues. These will include your fears about yourself and your abilities and the reactions you receive from other people whom you might assume have it in for you. These impressions are also very much connected to your intuition. You’re feeling something coming which should start to materialize around June 21st. This something will directly relate to how you view, value and use your resources and abilities.

Begin by looking at your career situation and refraining from looking at your participation as being someone who is allowing themselves to be used. Being the martyr only digs you into a deeper hole. Ask yourself if how you are sacrificing is actually an attempt to create and impression and perspective of yourself as a response from the people you choose to make sacrifices for. We all try to impress others. Personal sacrifice is only one of the ways we try to do it.

As of May 6th, it has become increasingly more important that you learn to see both sides of every story. This is most imperative in your relationships. Geminis ordinarily and instinctively tend to choose sides. This I how they refine their perspective and solidify their image of themselves. Once the information they’re gathering reaches a saturation point, only then will they begin to look at how other people see the situations they’re exploring. Usually, the only time they change their view is if the situation is personal and they are losing an argument and need a better vantage point. Your maturity will determine how much you allow this to happen.

This same timing heralds the arrival of becoming choiceless in your assessment of things. This includes your close relationships which, previously, have been your biggest stumbling block. You’re beginning to see the uselessness of winning in “one-upsmanship.” You’ve been learning to see that occupying a superior position in a competition obligates you to remain in that position to maintain your advantage. This cripples your creativity.

In where you receive your support from there will be shift in the first weeks of July. Decide now who you want to stay connected with depending on your intuitive assessments of them. Those you’ve been depending on may alter their positions and preferences and you don’t want to get left high and dry. Pad your nest and gather your resources. Your self sufficiency will become much more important in the coming months.

June 2020 Astrolights

This is going to be an extremely important eclipse month. The most important eclipse of three will be the solar in Cancer on the 21st. We have two tandem lunar eclipses in Sagittarius on June 5th and Capricorn on July 5th. The pivotal eclipse in in Cancer and the two lunar eclipses straddle its opposition. What makes this time even more powerful is that the solar eclipse occurs almost exactly on the Solstice. This is a harvest eclipse changing how we view and utilize our security. This could be financial, emotional and health oriented all in the same wave. Cancer rules nurturance. What we “feed” during this time will have profound effects on what we will be dealing with for the next six months or until the next eclipse pattern has ingress.

During this time, most of us will be reassessing what we need to feel secure. Emotions will run high and people will be very protective of what is felt to be needed and maintained. Remember also that this is a Cancer country, and everyone will be feeling the pinch and the energy lows that eclipses always bring. Our rights are changing. Our access is changing, and fear is being stoked heavily by the competing authoritative powers in struggle for dominance. How much personal freedom are we willing to give up in order to be taken care of (Cancer) and receive “free stuff” (Sagittarius)? What are we will to pay for that “protection” that is promised (Capricorn)?

Neptune in Pisces squares the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and will turn retrograde on the 23rd further applying pressure to the eclipse. What we think we’re getting is not at all as it appears. Jupiter will conjunct Pluto again in Capricorn on the 30th. This will echo the previous requirements for social distancing and shutdowns. The liberal push for excessive bailouts is moving us closer and closer toward socialized government and the eradication of the freedoms that give us personal autonomy. Mercury’s retrograde in Cancer on the 18th will at the least give us breathing room and the ability to see what is truly occurring. The media will continue to make this as difficult as possible.

When Venus turns direct in Gemini on the 24th, who is on what side will become much clearer. The disappearance of the small businesses which made this country so entrepreneurial will become much more obvious. The more the shutdown stays in force, the more small businesses we will lose due to the shutdown. Then, corporate and government interests will have won total control of the markets (Saturn in Aquarius).

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