Happy Birthday Taurus 2020

Changes have been coming a lot faster than is comfortable for you. Although these changes began in September 2018, they faded a bit and then became more apparent in March of 2018. Since then, things have been moving fairly quickly. Hopefully, you’ve been learning to trust your intuition a bit more than insisting on practical evidence.

Your career has undergone a restructuring. Organization and authority now comes from a different place. Perhaps there has been a change in management. There has been a lot of action there for the past two weeks. For you, this probably runs at cross grain to how you think things should be done. Be patient. Don’t strong arm others to get what you want. You may also find that people seem to be more annoying than they have been of late. Your patience is really being tested and what comes out of your mouth may surprise even you. Do your best to center yourself.

Take a good look at your resources. Your possessions, finances, and ways you value yourself may come from two or more different venues or sources. How you communicate who you are and what you want must present enough options for people to understand you and what you expect of them.

You may also find people attempting to use helplessness and a tool for your acquiescence. Don’t fall for it but also don’t be crude or abrupt. You’re seeing what has always been there but, until now, not obvious to you.

You may also be feeling an urge to be more community connected or oriented. You will lose nothing by observing and considering how people go about their lives. People you thought irrational before may now take on a little more logic and practicality than before. Remember, our world has been forever changed due to our interference in nature’s process regardless of whether it was manmade, accident or evolution.

There may be issues with brothers and sisters coming up. This will begin around may 6th. Look closely at issues pertaining to security, tradition, home and family. This timing will more than likely bring a shift which will change the rapport between you. Also affected will be methods of communication, short distance travel and our means for doing so (automobiles).

In mid-December career changes will pick up speed and intensity. So, whatever changes you feel that need to be made in order to assure advantage in your current or future positions should be made well before then. After December, things may seem to be carved in stone.

May 2020 Astrolights

We begin the month with the Moon’s nodes moving from Cancer and Capricorn into Gemini and Sagittarius. This means that the influence of karmic change moves the active energy from Moon and Saturn to Mercury and Jupiter. In English, the main focus of karmic rebalancing will be in communication and all things represented by Mercury and in the expansive qualities of Jupiter including cultural, educational and philosophical venues. These changes will stay in place until December of 2022.

During these times Mercury will change signs often providing the usual cycle of communicative changes and retrograde debacles (the full cycle is 88 days). However, Jupiter will move into Aquarius from Capricorn in December 2020 and seesaw back and forth between both during the following thirteen months. The Capricorn influences, now until December, will involve changes in all positions of authority, organization and structure including government which we have definitely been seeing as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. The Aquarius influences, beginning in December 2020, will involve education, culture, philosophy and all matters humanitarian and scientific. We have seen the tip of the iceberg of these influences in the explosion of scientific research as the result of our pandemic predicament. The change in of the Moon’s nodes is showing through the total confusion in who the authority will be in terms of what this whole epidemic brings for the changes impending over our customary way of living. Although most of the media is stuffing us with doctors, experts and authority related to these issues, almost no one seems to know where these changes will take us. To the laymen, it appears like everyone is talking through their hat. The media seems to be aching for governmental control over all the major industries which have made us so great and independent throughout the world. One thing is true; the way we’ve been living is gone and a new, more paranoid way of existing is looming on the horizon. Everyone still appears to be holding their breath waiting for the other shoe to fall.

The 11th, 13th and 14th are pivotal points. Respectively, Mercury moves into Gemini on the same day that Saturn turns retrograde going back over old ground to see if the struct we erected can handle the deluge. Then, on the 13th Mars moves into Pisces and Venus goes retrograde in Gemini. The fear triggers will become a lot more active. Then, on the 14th Jupiter turns retrograde in Capricorn. The media has already given us a taste of how easily they can manipulate public opinion. Just watching White House press briefing has given us a taste of their objectives and where they’re headed.

The best thing we can do right now is lay low, keep our heads down and wait for some of the smoke to clear before we begin to move. When we do move, move slowly, be observant and keep your wits about you. These are dangerous times.

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