Happy Birthday Aries 2020

Career situations are still in flux and there is a big change coming. There’s a lot of actions occurring on the part of management. The change is imminent. It should occur in early May. If you’ve been doing what you’re supposed to. Relax. Take it in stride. There may be things happening around you, but your situation is in fairly a good position. Those who play the edge or “skate” around the rules will have a big problem. Downsizing will be a part of it.

Look closely at what you consider to be your social responsibilities. There will be those around you who feel you should be “contributing more” the general social well-being. Don’t be concerned as this is coming from people who are a little shaky on what they believe that they can depend on from the system that they have paid into and belong to. You’re an independent soul and if you have been following your calling, you have made your own way independent of those who depend on others for their security.

Right now, would be good time to reassess your goals and what you expect to be supported by from others and the world in general. Your independent spirit will be your power card. Rely on yourself for most of what you want to accomplish. Allow others to contribute but don’t depend on them. Conserve what you have and hold tight. Things will ease up, but it will be a while.

This will be a good time to focus on your home and family to make certain that everyone’s needs are being addressed if not answered. This will also be a time to assess how much contact you absolutely must have with others and what is optional.

What you feel is important may also go through a shift. Look at your interaction with the world. Does it answer all your needs, or does it seem to be fading in returns? People are feeling pressured and frightened with the current circumstances. Your independent offers a good example to others but do not let yourself be used to handle thing that people must take care of themselves. This is not a time for cause fighting. Tend to your own issues.

April 2020 Astrolights

This month brings most all our crisis situations to the forefront. On the 5th Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. This should be the peak of our structural and health changes and the challenges that go along with them. By then, the market should finish tanking and the Coronavirus should have reached its peak. What is still up for grabs are the decisions that will be made between now and then in order to handle the public panic and to put our country back on a healing path. The media has offered little help to quell public fears, yet, is still needed to help us stay informed as to what is needed and the progress that is being made to ease our difficulties. Right now, we are better off than many other countries. Early decisions to isolate us from a more widespread infection coming from international sources have mitigated our susceptibility to the bulk of what is now infecting Europe. What remains to be done here is to halt all internal national flights except for supplies we need for our survival.

Mercury’s sojourn into Aries on the 11th will bring our thoughts toward how we need to think and act in order to protect our family and ourselves from the looming threats. The more we can do independently, the safer we will remain.

As the Moon moves into the third quarter in Capricorn on the 14th, we should be able to see a lessening of the panic and intensity as the numbers of infection begin to drop. The Sun’s moving into Taurus on the 19th will give us a better idea of our assets and reserves and what must be restored. And when Pluto turns retrograde on the 25th, we should see the advance of our negative circumstance begin recede giving us the opportunity to do a major cleanup and assess what must be put in place to deal with similar future events.

The major question now becomes, what will be left of our medical system and our economy once the storm has passed? Only time will tell.

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