Happy Birthday Pisces 2020

Hopes, wishes and goals are supercharged this month. Be careful of letting those hopes and wishes going too far beyond what actually possible. Regardless of the fact that there is so much energy in that direction, it’s necessary to consciously maintain a governor on what you may expect.

Your values should take on a pioneering perspective. They should be geared toward what will make you independent of the influence of others as much as you are able. What is it that will make you unique and independent of the needs and demands of others?

Your career and what it may produce for you are under scrutiny by your superiors and those close to you. Take a good long look at your behavior and the efforts you put into how you support yourself. Does it answer your intentions? Is it geared toward your support or does it address the needs of others more than your own? Compassion is good to have but it should not register in your psyche as a responsibility for you to live up to. The Piscean lesson includes learning to choose who you believe most needs and deserves it by your own assessment and values not what our politically correct culture demands as a necessity for your acceptance by them.

This year, starting around May, your creativity and how you handle your children, if you have any yet, will go through a change. How you support or nurture both will shift. At the same time, what you have done to nurture your career and what you receive from it will finally begin to pay off…or shut down depending on how well you’ve planned and how responsible you’ve been to its requirements. This will be a telling time to how you feel about your security and your position in the world. Pay attention. Your world will reflect your past efforts and let you see what may be needed to improve the results of your goals.

Lastly, for any of these things to be effective, your communication must continue to be practical, down to earth and include your intuitive, not emotional, flashes. Practicality is a predominating energy for the next few years. You must begin to let your sensitivities and emotional composition take less of a dominant role in your daily dealings with the world and those close to you. Your empathy and compassion must be brought into a better balance with your physical and mental functioning. Mush is on the way out and performance is on the rise.

March 2020 Astrolights

March will be a powerful month with Saturn moving from Capricorn into Aquarius. Although both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn, the emphasis of Saturn’s effect changes from earthly practicalities to social and humanitarian foci. What kind of organizations do you belong to? What are the causes and social issues that you feel passionate about? Who are your friends and what kind of people are they? What are your hopes and aspirations? All these things are now going to take a dominant position in your daily activities. You will revisit the career and practicality issues in July through December again but now and after December the changes you must make must be assessed and determined if not put in place.

As Venus moves into Taurus on the 5th you will be able to determine how your resources and abilities may figure into your changing goals and connections. Venus’ ingress into Taurus will also give you the opportunity to decide what vales and resources to keep and build and which values and resources have outlived their usefulness. This, in the long run, will give you a clarified self-identification.

A full Moon in Virgo on the 9th and Mercury turning direct in Aquarius on the 10th will bring a laser focus to all the issues and decisions you have to make. As Mercury moves into Pisces on the 16th you will be able to get a better handle on any fears that might surface and interfere with any of the changes you might want to make but feel insecure about.

On the 20th we will have the Spring Equinox, on the 22nd Saturn will make its ingress to Aquarius and there will be a new Moon in Aries on the 24th. This will be like the starter gun firing for all the decisions and chosen actions to begin to take place.

On the 30th Mars will move into Aquarius. This will give energy to all the changes, hopes and expectations we begin to have about our coming future. This will also energize a whole gamut of humanitarian issues. Be careful not to let political correctness overpower where you apply your personal energy. Your future should be chosen by you not the current social dictates for homogenizing us with mediocrity.

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