John’s Monthly Forecast for February 2020

ARIES – A vacation is in order now. Getting away will give you a bird’s eye perspective on where your life is going and what you can do to make things easier. When you return home, you’ll know what to do to make your nest more supportive to your inner objectives. Your career and social status have absorbed way too much of your time and concentration. Being too efficient has been very draining.

TAURUS – Career is your primary focus for February. You have a lot of resources at your disposal. Take a good long look at how the sharing of others’ resources with you will affect them. Compassion is needed. You may not feel that they are offering enough but you must realize that they must make sacrifices that you are unaware of if they are to do so.

GEMINI – Listen very carefully to your inner voice to best understand what your intuition is telling you. How you use your abilities and resources is paramount to how your view of yourself is changing. Additionally, be careful of issues involving your throat (will center) and what you must do to keep things in balance physically and emotionally.

CANCER – Are you understanding at who, what and why you should be directing your nurturing ability toward? Your ability to understand what others are capable of may tempt you to take advantage of others and what they have to offer simply because you can see their potential and they can’t. Keeping score should not be based on quid pro quo.

LEO – Being playful is probably one of the best ways to help you deepen friendships and alliances. Do not allow your self-consciousness about your personal image interfere with your enjoyment or what others may find exciting. Most people really don’t care about how important you might feel you are. They’re more interested in having a good time.

VIRGO – Your need to feel useful might make you miss the good things that have been put on the table for your enjoyment. Life is not always about service and “giving back” to society. You’re human too and you deserve to have some down time and relaxation. Pull back, let your hair down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Being happy is not a sin.

LIBRA – Take steps to nurture your social image and career. The evidence and resources you want to use and present to others must be of a practical nature directly relating to people’s abilities and the use of their resources. What others are capable of is connected to how you can be of use to them, their awakening and their self-discovery.

SCORPIO – Listen to what other people need from you. It will be personal, practical and will rebalance the resources that are shared between you. You can help them to structure what you see about their potential, but you must resist the temptation to temper your involvement in a way that makes them obligated or beholding to you.

SAGITTARIUS – You have tremendous energy at your disposal and you’re probably chomping at the bit to do something exciting, exploratory and pioneering. Go ahead and go for it but don’t go off half-cocked. You must have all your ducks in a row and your responsibilities must be answered before you go off on your “trip.”

CAPRICORN – Your responsibilities seem to have doubled. But don’t be fooled. So have the potential rewards. You have an “in” to what is needed through how you have structured your abilities and resources. To others, your way may seem unconventional but know that your way is currently the best path for the manifestation of your objectives.

AQUARIUS – Now is the month for you to shine. Your apparent “innovativeness” is not so much your originality but your action of not divulging your methods until things have begun to materialize the way you have envisioned them. You also have a current advantage over others for strategy in your chosen career. Use it wisely and compassionately. Any hint of greed will kill your support.

PISCES – Be careful of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Those who might use you and what you have are plentiful and always watching. Predetermine where your compassion will be addressed and avoid people with the “poor me’s.” Make sure any humanitarian issues you devote yourself to allow for the support of its administrators (you!).

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