Happy Birthday Aquarius 2020

Your unconscious is loaded for bear. Everything that comes to mind seems to be coming from a place that you have no direct access to. It’s like you’re in the flow but have no control over how it comes forward. This is a tremendous lesson in learning to let your intuition have the wheel. This is completely foreign to you and you resist at every turn. This causes tremendous pain and frustration. You must let go or you will burn yourself out through resistance.

What is it that you don’t trust about yourself? The mind is only a tool. Yet, you feel that it must be the vehicle in charge. Your sign is ruled by two planets: Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is connected to the logical, practical and earthy world. This has been your foundation for action for many years. But Uranus, which is the planet of intuition, is now in an earth sign and it must be given equal shares on how you run your life. Yet, you still struggle to make and see every decision as having to be a logical one. You can no longer allow “bipartisanship” to be the determining factor. You must share and allow the natural forces to integrate. This will happen whether you allow it or no. It is said that “you can go willingly, or you can go dragging your feet…but you will go!”

Home environment seems to be going through a change. Your childhood experiences may also be coming to the surface while you decide how that home environment should be organized. You may want to rearrange either the circumstance and/or the energy in order to get a better flow in your living conditions. That may even include rearranging furniture. Consider also your dealings with those close to you who live in that environment and make accommodation for their comfort also.

You may be a bit more talkative than usual. Pay attention more to what you’re saying and where it’s coming from rather than the effect it is having on others. A lot of unneeded material is coming from your unconscious past. This is your heart’s attempt to clear a lot of the unwanted emotional baggage that has been bogging down much of your spontaneity. As you clear, you will feel a lot lighter and a little less in need of maintaining control of everything.

February 2020 Astrolights

With all the eclipses finally finished we now have a solidified landscape for determining how we would like our career to progress. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are all perched in our tenth house of career. Rules, who makes them, who breaks them and who ignores then are becoming increasingly more evident and important. Doing well in a career is no longer just a function of who does the best job and who notices it. Many more nefarious elements have taken over due to the lack of faith that people in general have evolved into feeling as a result of rampant corruption. Those who follow the rules and try to do the right thing seem to be more the exception to the rule. This is a challenge to all of us to listen to our “better angels” in determining how we will act and respond to those of us who are left unanchored by our conscience. When Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces on the 17th this will become easier to recognize how the landscape has changed and where our safe harbors can be found.

On the 7th Venus moves into its north node and Aries. It’s time to pioneer new ground based on our intuition rather than the rules and expectations provided under political correctness. Finding our heart and our spirit is at first very difficult but very necessary now if we are to navigate through the tense and changed environment. Many will attempt to collaborate and commiserate with us based on how “bad” things have gotten but we must all set higher goals, sever debilitating ties to negative people and actively work past the apparent impediments. We have our work cut out for us. We must have faith in our own intuition rather than the desperate urgings of less confident others.

Do not be fooled by others preaching that it is your responsibility to “help” or “give” what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish to those “less fortunate.” They have their own paths and they have made their own choices. You can choose to assist or not. It’s your choice not your responsibility. They are adults and have created their own circumstances by their own choices. “Saving someone” is the ego’s cry to find self-worth. Stand by the old adage “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute and emergency on mine!”

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