John’s Monthly Forecast for January 2020

ARIES – There have been some changes in career. Let’s now see of the changes you put into place will do what you want. You have until May to solidify them, so they become part of your repertoire. These changes may also make maintaining your home and family much easier.

TAURUS - Your uniqueness and its refurbishment has been a project for this last year. This month you will have the opportunity to move on from what you’ve recently put into place and have been refining. This should be more in line with the newest abilities you have found within yourself. Make sure others have a clear understanding of what you want.

GEMINI – It’s time to take stock of what you have to support yourself and what is not tangled in joint “ownership.” Your perception of this and your significant other’s is about to go through a struggle for what each of you is entitled to. If you’re on good terms this will be easy. If not, batten down the hatches and quietly do your research.

CANCER – How you come across to the world is about to face a change. Stop and assess how you come across to the world. Is it to your liking? If not, what would you like to see and what can you do to change it? Be mindful of what you ask for. It will commit you as much as others close to you. You’ll need to take a broader look than what you’re used to.

LEO – Health and work environment issues are of paramount importance now. Addressing these issues now will allow some of the more submerged aspects of your insecurities to surface so you may remedy them. Don’t be a wuss or too proud to tackle them. They will sap your vitality if you allow them to stay buried.

VIRGO – You are finding that your oldest child has a lot more on the ball than you gave them credit for. Additionally, without children you also may find that your creativity is flourishing but only because you have seen fit to organize it and give it a prominent place in your practical world.

LIBRA – Starting this month home and career are finding a new balance. Plan and arrange carefully as by the time May arrives everything must be humming and in place so you may take advantage of any opportunities that come into play. All your ducks must be completed and in a row for this to take place. However, be honest with yourself about what you might be able to accomplish.

SCORPIO – Communication, contracts and agreements are much more in the focus now than they have ever been before. As you get older you may realize that it might not be so easy to move on from some of your prior commitments without some outside help. It might now dawn on you that your belief in not asking for help keeps you from being obligated. More appropriately, it inhibits you from using external resources.

SAGITTARIUS – January and February will provide tremendous energy for you to apply to your objectives. Make sure all your resources and skills are up to date and in place. Also, do not allow those in your family to just hand you the reigns for their welfare. You must also make sure that they carry their end…but only if they agree with your objectives.

CAPRICORN – This is a very difficult time to see clearly what must be done. Nothing has coalesced enough to gain a clear picture of where you must apply yourself. Your must trust your intuition…something which might seem a bit impractical and imperceivable to you. Part of this lesson is to allow the world to unfold rather than assuming you need to push a round peg into a square hole.

AQUARIUS – Your dreams are probably a bit overwhelming to you now. If you’re not aware of them, you must be careful to address sudden physical issues that may crop up that interfere with your daily activities. Medical authorities may not have enough insight to elucidate or explain what must be done to quell any sudden ailments. You must trust your intuition.

PISCES – You must work hard to determines which feeling are self or not-self. If you determine where what your feeling is coming from, you must figure out whose feelings are more important and why you are picking up on them. Using empathy simply enables your awareness and does not imply any obligation on your part to alleviate anyone else’s personal issues.

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