Happy Birthday Capricorn 2019

Many things are coming home to roost now. Among many results you may also find that you will have a low energy point on December 26th, and one not so low on January 10th. This is not only a birthday time for new endeavors but a pivotal point in many of your lives.

On the world stage authority, social image and career are going through paces for many people. New twists on decisions that must be made are coming to light. This is especially true for Capricorn and Cancer. Just look at the current headlines if you are unclear as to what kinds of issues and how they are being presented are coming to light. In years past, just working, keeping your nose to the grindstone were enough to bring you to success in the material world. Following the rules is no longer the direct path to a good future. Strategy and deception have become much larger deciding factors determining who makes it to the top, let alone who become materially successful.

At this point you should actively take steps to procure or ensure that the support or wages that you receive from you career are appropriate and to your liking. This is due to the fact that all your relationships are going through a shift, especially career. Some may disappear or appear rather suddenly. Be prepared for surprises along that line. You may have to burn some bridges which may contradict your sense of responsibility.

At the same time of surprises, you may find that your creativity begins to skyrocket. Capricorns are not generally known for creativity so this may also surprise not only you but your peer group as well with what it is that you actually come up with that is different from how you usually handle things.

Lastly, don’t be too proud to accept help from others. Capricorn usually think that they must do everything themselves. You may find that support will come from the most unlikely places.

January 2020 Astrolights

There are three very important transits occurring this month. First, we have the Lunar eclipse happening on the 10th in Cancer. The day after we have Uranus turning direct on the 11th in Taurus and the day after that we have Saturn and Pluto consummating a conjunction in Capricorn on the 12th. Also, in numerology 2020 is a four universal year coming from the number 40. The foundations we arrive at this year will stay with us for at least the next five years or until we move into another one universal year. This is a pivotal year for us personally and nationally.

The Lunar eclipse brings us to a low energy point in the areas of tradition, family and nurturance. The traditions we have held in place thus far are subject to change. Those traditions may be both positive and negative. They mark how we are nurtured and how we nurture others…or not. This comes on the heels of a solar eclipse in Capricorn which is making major changes in how we discipline ourselves and others…or not. This is a time to ask ourselves who or what beliefs we are feeding and why. What values and responsibilities are being promoted? The conjunction in Capricorn affects authority and structure on every level in our lives and the country. With the north node in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces in a grand trine, we must be very, very careful how much we allow ourselves to be sucked in or affected by the media. Uranus’ turning direct makes it imperative that we assess what resources are still at our disposal.

As adults, many of us are still able to think for ourselves. But the younger generations have been saturated with the media and have had no historical background on which to judge rational life decisions that must be made for the coming years and how they will conduct their lives and influence those around them. Our work ethic and willingness have fallen far short of what is necessary to properly maintain ourselves. The younger generation is becoming more and more entitled and embody a false projection of compassion indoctrinated and manipulated by the media that makes them feel that they are not allowed to do for ourselves before others. How many times have we heard the tyranny of the weak stated as “Don’t you care about the environment? Don’t you care about the homeless? You must minimize your carbon footprint.” These parroted memes and many, many more make the uneducated and the younger generations eminently more manipulatable than the generations that have come before. Values and the work ethic have drastically lost traction and we have lost the feeling that we have control over our own lives. We are free floating and easily led by the media. We must recover the ability to think for ourselves. This requires discipline, focus and a re-evaluated sense of accountability. The question is, are we still capable of living our own lives or will we be dragged along by the drowning media?

These transits will bring these issues to a critical mass. Do we have the courage to blaze our own path? Can we recover some of the lost traditions that have held our country and families together? Only time will tell…

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