John’s Monthly Forecast for December 2019

ARIES – Your social image and career objectives may need to go through a change. The landscape is about to change and you will have to be quick on your feet. You may even lead the change yourself. Be careful not to let others hand you the torch expecting you to be the point man and take the risks that they themselves should embrace.

TAURUS – Career opportunities are on tap. However, you must take a closer look at your values if you want to make sure what’s available will fit into your idea of what a “good” position should be. But first you must define “good” to understand the parameters of your expectations. Do you mean good as advantageous or good in terms of morals?

GEMINI – What kind of support have you been receiving? Does it feel right or do you think you’ve been being taken advantage of under the guise of personal sacrifice as claimed by others? Are you really getting what you need or are you just holding tight based on accumulated history and the desire not to start anew?

CANCER – What does nurturance look like? Have you been sharing with your significant other or making them feel obligated so they stay connected to you to be included in your nurturing loop? While others are reassessing their connection to you, understand that your solicitation of nurturance makes people suspicious and possibly avoid you. Freely giving nurturance encourages others to want to be supportive and open with you.

LEO – Your health and work environment must come under scrutiny. How you have structured your life might require some simplifying as you will not have enough energy to keep up with everything that you’ve committed to this month. Simplifying will also reduce your stress and make your essential needs more obvious and visible.

VIRGO – How do you look at service? For yourself or others or both? Not giving away the farm may have been a good attitude for self-preservation but may severely limit the support you need from others when you may want it. Despite what you believe about others, they do sense when you are being stingy or a tightwad. Loosen up. You can’t take it with you.

LIBRA – How you nurture others is about to go through a change. Hold to the values that you see as eternal and keep a firm footing on your chosen path. You will have to be the rock for your family and significant other. Others will depend on you to remain grounded and stable.

SCORPIO – Your relationships might be going through some trials and tribulations. You will need to have some serious conversations with your significant other. There are some important undercurrents that need to be brought into the light of day concerning your expectations of each other. As our resources slip, we sometimes feel that we don’t have the fallback path we thought. Becoming dependent on others can be unnerving.

SAGITTARIUS – The gravy train is beginning to fade. It’s time to actively build our resources and a better understanding of what it is that we have to work with. You will have to make some serious decisions about where you must put your effort. You will not be able to depend on others or ride in the wake of their actions.

CAPRICORN – Batten down the hatches. The earth is about to move and you must keep your balance and an understanding of where you need to land. How you handle yourself will mean everything to those who surround you. This is a value test. Will you choose to believe that the means justify the ends or will you align with the ends justifying the means?

AQUARIUS – You must now pay attention to how you feel. Generally, your mind is the most dominant player in your life. This month is different. You must now listen to your feelings about how you come across to others and what you feel about them. Doping out what you believe are your motivations and theirs will have little bearing on the outcome.

PISCES – It’s time to look at your life goal. Do you have one? Is it something you can define in words to others? Your sensitivities can no longer be used to define or justify your actions. You must come to understand what it is that you are sensitive to, why and how you can use it to benefit yourself and your own growth past your own feelings.

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