Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2019

You’ve got about a month left of being the super charmer and having everything that you want fall in your lap. After that you will have to use only what has come before to accomplish what it is that you might want. But this is no great shakes to you because you seem to take everything with a grain of honey anyway and expect your fortunate circumstances to continue to your door. Be prepared though because the universe will require you to do some organizing and hold yourself with a little more discipline if you’re to accomplish what the universe is making available to you. You can’t just charm your way to the top anymore. It will require some concerted effort. This period will begin on or about December 3rd and continue until the following December.

You may also begin to sense some inner urgings that you are unable to explain. This will run from November 20th until January 4th. This is your unconscious lighting up the path you need to take toward gathering the resources that fall in your path but don’t recognize as part of the armament that you will need for your future accomplishments. Don’t be so quick to dismiss people or things that immediately seem superfluous. Their importance will be come obvious further down the road. Learn to be a bit more conservative.

The resources that you have been taking for granted for so long are about to be consolidated beginning around May. Prioritize what you think you need and make provisions to hold on to them. This also goes for the support that you have been receiving from others. Both will start to thin out.

You must also learn to be a bit more tactful than you have been. Your tendency toward bluntness may take a sharper edge as people become more sensitive to anything that might even appear to be a slight let alone an insult. You may not intend things as such but they will, nevertheless, be taken from a more sensitive perspective.

Take care to guard your throat and ankles. These are sensitive places that may act up when or if you misuse your energy. This is just the universe’s way of getting you to slow down and pay more attention to things that might affect your health. You work environment may also become a bit more flakey than it has been in the past. Ground yourself and take heed of what is necessary to maintain your stability.

December 2019 Astrolights

This will be an extremely important month, personally and nationally. First, Jupiter moves from Sagittarius, its rulership, into fall in Capricorn. This severely weakens it influence as Saturn is in dignity in Capricorn. Any lightness or expansive qualities that Jupiter normally brings will be severely curtailed and conservatism and regulation will become the rule of law. However, because Saturn currently is in Capricorn, Jupiter will bring an easing of the severity that Saturn normally brings. What this means personally and nationally is that all the circumstances that have been blown way out of proportion will be brought back within acceptable, or at least sensible, limits. It will be a sobering time for a lot of people on both sides of the fence and between squabbling family participants. You might say that cooler heads will begin to prevail. Accusations between opposing forces will be brought more down to earth and the demand for proof will become much more prevalent. Things going viral will occur a lot less often. A sense of order will take over and those who have levied wild accusations we be exposed as being the perpetrators of their own accusations. In families and nationally “due process” will take hold.

On the 12th the Moon becomes full in Gemini. That which has been cloaked for the last three years will be revealed. All contributing parts to arguments will be seen, past and present, and opportunities will be available to bring closure to long standing wounds and arguments. Everything will be brought to a head when the solar eclipse occurs in Capricorn on December 26th. When the lunar eclipse occurs on January 10th in Cancer, everyone will know exactly where we stand and what is needed to heal our families and our country.

When the Sun moves into Capricorn on the solstice on December 22nd, we will have the full landscape in our purview, and we will know what needs to be done and how. The new season will begin with calm calculated action in preparation for a returned sense of order. Structurally and relative to the traditions involved in family and government, things will finally become settled as the nodes change from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius in May.

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