John’s Monthly Forecast for November 2019

ARIES – Your significant other is giving you a lot of support from behind the scenes. You might not always realize this thinking that they are trying to sabotage you by making you dependent on them. Nothing can be further from the truth. Accept it from where it comes. It’s given out of love. Besides, you already know that you can depend on yourself if you need to.

TAURUS – There may be responsibilities pertaining to educational endeavors. There may also be dealings with issues of religion, culture and nationalities. Your significant other can offer valuable insight if you have difficulties seeing or understanding what must be done and how.

GEMINI – It’s time to take a look at your overall health. It may be a bit difficult to assess right now as you seem to have sudden flare ups and recessions of issues. On another note, there will be relationship changes coming up for you in May. Take a good look at how things are progressing now. This will help you plan for what’s coming.

CANCER – It’s a good time to look at the support you’ve provided for your children. Is it too much? Too little? Do you find yourself feeling that you need to save them from something? Tough love is a difficult process to put into action, especially, if you have doubts about your parenting skills.

LEO – Health issues you’ve been working on may finally reach a stable point so you have a clear understanding of exactly what you’re dealing with. These health issues may be very similar to what you’re dealing with in your career. Things come out of the blue that you feel should not be part of the program. Accept them. Acknowledge them and just take care of them at face value. All else will fall into place.

VIRGO – In dealing with your children, it’s time to take a look at your motivation and theirs. They usually come from very different origins. If you contemplate their situations from their perspective you might understand why they are behaving the way they are. Put yourself in their shoes. You have nothing to lose but your bias.

LIBRA – You appear to have a lot of energy to do what is needed. Do what is needed and required now. When this effect diminishes, you will need the respite that follows. Take a deeper look at your resources. You may find that you want to shift who and what you draw on. There is available help. You just have to ask.

SCORPIO – This past two months has been difficult. It’s like the voices inside are urging you to do and say things that you feel will blow your cover. Let it out. It’s releasing pressure. Follow the urges and let them run their course. It will bring you to new perceptions of the people in your world as non-threatening to your freedom. The need to control is in vain.

SAGITTARIUS – You may actually feel that no one understands you and that you want to spend more time by yourself. With no feeling toward needing to impress anyone you may find that what you have to work with is actually what you need. Things you’ve lost of late may suddenly appear out of the blue. It’s only because you’re now paying more attention and can see them.

CAPRICORN – It feels like you can finally deal with the mess that the world has dropped on you interfering with your sense of organization and direction. This whole tsunami responsibility wave will finally abate as we get closer to May. It has felt like your environment has shifted and you’ve been wasting time having to move all your plans to a different vantage point.

AQUARIUS – Spend some time alone. You need to recuperate. Neither being everyone’s “big brother” or the “black sheep” will gain you any advantage over what must be done. Just do it. Take care of your responsibilities and don’t look for any hidden agendas. Everything simply is what it is. Sometimes a duck is just a duck. Unfortunately, this feels boring to you.

PISCES – When both sides seem equally distressing, sometimes it’s just better to lay low, let the chips fall where they may and then take action after you’ve seen where everything has landed. If you try to dope it out before things are resolved, so you’re in the most advantageous position, it will drive you to distraction. Wait. Let things play out. Your intuition has already put you where you need to be.

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