Happy Birthday Scorpio 2019

Pay attention to your urges in relationships. If you’re doing what you need to do, you will feel no ill effects. But if you’re not, you may find that your lower back may feel some discomfort. Any stress that you feel this month will show itself in your lower back or in the head. Be careful moving around as you may have the habit of moving a little too fast and bumping your head or worse. Begin slowing down.

You’re feeling like you could charm the pants off anyone. As this may be the case this month, don’t get carried away and allow the assumption to carry on more than this month. This “charmingness” will also have the tendency to pull in more than your share of potential new relationships. Don’t let it go to your head because as quickly as they may appear will be as quickly as they vanish.

In general relationship issues, you appear to be going through a landscape shift where some people just seem to drop out of sight and others may just pop in unexpectedly. This is just the universe’s way of teaching you to be flexible and be able to let go. Get used to this. This will continue for a while but eventually dissipate in intensity.

Along about May of 2020 freedom will become more of an issue. Either there will not be enough of it or there will be a feeling of being ungrounded or free floating with too few connections to others or projects to serve as an anchor. On the bright side, finances and resources may be on the home swing in terms of what is available for you to use in your career and daily life.

If you have siblings, anticipate a few bumps in the road relative to your rapport with them. There may be some fairness issues that need to be addressed. Be patient and tactful in how you handle them. How you handle them will have reverberations into the distant future.

November 2019 Astrolights

We begin the month with Mercury turning retrograde on October 31st in Scorpio. All the periodic communications glitches will begin as usual. Don’t sign contracts and don’t begin new projects. However, all the communications behind closed door will continue and even intensify. The rub is that even with the Sun and Venus in Scorpio with the Mercury retrograde we will know things are going on behind closed doors but will be unable to do anything about it. There is and will be an intense need to bring things to the surface to clear up a lot of misconceptions and even deceptions. Neptune in Pisces and North Node in Cancer, creating a grand trine in water, serves to further exacerbate the tension by contributing a lot of unwarranted emotional energy. Cooler heads will have to prevail if we are to hold an even and steady course. At this point, being above board in our dealings will go a long way to dissipate the fear and anger. Yet, there are many whose position and status depend on the continuing a deceptive narrative. The Scorpio/Taurus seesaw between the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus will keep the power struggle alive and “well.”

For many people, career issues are coming to a head. Some have accumulated overwhelming tension producing responsibilities and others have found their organizational skills only to keep the growing deluge at bay. The seesaw between Saturn, Pluto and the south node in Capricorn with the north node in Cancer is producing influences in home and career that overlap to the point of creating tremendous confusion as to what our responsibilities actually are and how the two areas of life can coexist with any balance. For not only personal situations but public service situations, security issues and transparency requirements are most certainly at odds with each other. This tension will continue to build until Mercury turns direct on the 20th. Mars’ ingress into Scorpio on the 19th will shatter the ability of those who are being deceptive for secrecy.

On the 26th there will be a new moon in Sagittarius and on the 27th Neptune will finally turn direct in Pisces. Many things will come to light that will dissolve our familial and socially programmed assumptions.

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