John’s Monthly Forecast for October 2019

ARIES – Relationships seem to be gaining in strength, understanding and intimacy. Be grateful for the loyalty and support you’ve been gaining. You’ve earned it. You’ve worked very hard at keeping sharing a dependable and comforting quality. Tension seems to be dissipating as you become more relaxed with your circumstances.

TAURUS – Health issues are in the focus for you now. Be cautious with your lower back and kidneys. Also, there will be lots of support issues with others coming up for you and by you. Play close attention to what is needed and what is superfluous. It may require traversing a distance to accomplish this.

GEMINI – Children may get a little out of hand. Play with them more. Additionally, your creative romantic spirit will have an opportunity for expression this month. Do something that you can share will your lived ones. You may even want to take a trip to celebrate something.

CANCER – Be tactful when handling traditional and family matters. Siblings may be the focus of what needs to be covered. There may also be a few bumps and surprises in what you hear. Your significant other may have a few things to say about what you might be confronted with. Take some quiet time and prioritize what’s important.

LEO – It’s time to talk about those things that you’ve assumed that other people know but they’ve told you they didn’t. It’s important that you tell others what’s on your mind. You usually don’t. You usually assume that others either think like you or have the same values. More often than not they don’t. You must work at telling them.

VIRGO – Is your budget balanced? Are you letting others tell you how you should use your resources? You may feel stressed because there’s not enough of you to go around. Family members must be made aware that you have a life and that there are things that you must take care of for your own survival.

LIBRA – You’re supercharged this month. You are also in the spotlight so make sure your image is in the best shape it can be. Make sure you say what you feel. Others are listening now even though it may not seem like it. It’s time to set up for the particulars of the vacation you’re planning.

SCORPIO – Take a good look at your own motivations. The responses you receive from others will provide a good gauge on which to judge what you might need to adjust. Be honest with yourself. Pay less attention to your perceived vulnerabilities. People see less of them than you might think.

SAGITTARIUS – Put your feelings out there but don’t overdo it. You like to project things in a big way but you risk going over the top and driving people away. Be as tactful and refined as you can be. Many people are hypersensitive and are easily offended. This is not to compromise what you say but to align with what people around you are currently able to deal with.

CAPRICORN – Diplomacy will work wonders now. Don’t look at it as pandering but as a productive path toward amicable solutions. People generally pay less attention to the rules than you do. This is your opportunity to show them the usefulness of why they’re needed and why they have been put into pace.

AQUARIUS – Your perception of your own uniqueness is what separates you from the emotional rapport that you secretly wish for. People see you as eclectic and sometimes quirky. They give you a wide birth if only not to get pulled into something they don’t understand. If you’re happy with distancing, keep it up. If not, time to reassess yourself.

PISCES – If there is anything of a creative nature that you want to accomplish, now is the time to invest your energies. You must have no self-consciousness and no self-censorship. This is a time for full and open expression with no reservations. Let it all out before you try to adjust it or correct it. Pay no attention to the judgment of others.

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