Happy Birthday Libra 2019

Pay attention to your urges and intuition. They will come through the body, especially, if you don’t pay attention to them. Also, health issues may pop up with seemingly no apparent cause. Just trace your steps back to when you first encountered them. Those circumstances will be instrumental to their manifestation.

Responsibilities at home seem to be building. But on the brighter side, your ability to handle things in a practical way is strong and your intuition on how to do things is equally as strong. Just make up your mind to do what is needed and trust your gut. It will all come out in the wash.

The energy required for your career and home responsibilities are both building. To prevent one from interfering with the other begin making lists of things you need to take care of in each domain. This will get them out of your head, put them on paper so you won’t forget them and permit you to think clearly without getting distracted by each during the other. You do need to do this since things keep coming from “out of the blue.”

Support form others may surprise you. You may get encouragement or support from others you never thought might consider you. Just be grateful and thankful and be glad the universe is looking out for you. It’s payback for all the good work you have put out in the past thus far.

People and your environment are slowly shifting. This requires you to take a bird’s eye view of your circumstances and see an overall pattern developing. Be observant. Pay attention and adjust with the changing circumstances. Others have their issues that have nothing to do with you so take nothing personally. Just be flexible and keep your eyes and ears open and your intuition tapped into. It’s kinda like riding a row boat on the waves.

You’re starting to see small changes in your effectiveness in your career. Pay attention to the shifts. You’re being given opportunities to gradually change course at your preference. The closer we get to May 2020, the more options for choice will fall away. Make your choices and preferences now while there are many options to choose from. The path is slowly narrowing.

October 2019 Astrolights

Our most potent aspect is the conjunction of Saturn and the south node in Capricorn. This is the trigger for many things hitting the fan right now. These are personal and public. What is unfortunate is that there is also complete confusion in terms of what values should be dominating now by virtue of Jupiter in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces. With Pluto turning direct in Capricorn on the third, people in general have no idea what is actually going on or what to do about it and it’s growing. People who support the means justifying the ends are meeting head to head with people who believe the ends justifies the means. Think about this and let it settle in. Do how we handle ourselves outweigh the ideals we’ve been trained to envision for ourselves or vice versa? Do we follow the law or our preferred narrative? Even so, everyone seems to have a different interpretation of what the law and our Constitution says. We appear to be at an impasse.

We are a Cancer country. Our families and businesses are of the utmost important to us. The question boils down to who and what should we nurture? Ourselves and our survival or the belief that another’s welfare is more important than our own? Saturn’s and Pluto’s opposition to our country’s Cancer Sun is driving this home. We have a crisis in values in the Jupiter/Neptune square that makes Sagittarius and Pisces contentious with each other. Granted, we should be compassionate and kind to those in need, but even a lifeboat has its limits before it sinks under the weight of too many being rescued. Where do we draw the line? And we must draw the line otherwise we will all go down with the ship. The captain of the ship can’t be held responsible for how many people try to climb over the side and into safety. Yet, this is what is occurring. A nurse can only care for so many people for so long until she reaches burnout. Our country is that nurse. There is only so much that she has that can go around. Everything and everyone have earthly limits. Some of us are listening. Others are pushing on to destruction. Even Noah had sense enough to make an arc.

The Sun in Libra is demanding the we rebalance ourselves within the limits of our circumstances before we are engulfed by them. There is a time for hosting “guests” and a time for cleanup. But now the guests are like fish. After three days they begin to smell and then, even we can’t stomach our own homes.

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