John’s Monthly Forecast for September 2019

ARIES – Be careful in how you move. Hasty movements can result in injury. You must do things a bit more slowly allowing patience to play more of a part. The inclination is to get things done quickly but remember, many of those around you are not in as much of a hurry as you are to get things done. Pace yourself. Enjoy the process. Life is not a race.

TAURUS – Your children and personal creativity are in the focus this month. Be as un exacting as you can. Specificity may cramp your style. You also need to pay attention to your health. Be tactful with your replies to others. They are only trying to help and don’t want to usurp your authority. Control is not the issue. Health is.

GEMINI – Clean up your home environment. A messy space is what contributes the most to your frustration with keeping track of what you need and want to do. Don’t go overboard either. Just make it functional and neat enough to find what you need to work. This will increase your potential for creativity and surprisingly enough, relax you.

CANCER – You must now deal with your roots and tradition but without the necessity of maintaining control. You must mediate the conditions that you must live in. Be kind to those who don’t see it your way. They have beliefs also and are trying to live within their own parameters for security. Be clear when dealing with your siblings.

LEO – Being generous is a wonderful thing. It creates good press and good relations. But you must pay attention to the resources you have at hand and not stretch yourself past your limits simply to create an impression. Assess yourself and what you have at your disposal honestly and truthfully. Others will appreciate that more than promises you won’t be able to keep.

VIRGO – How you come across to others should be your main focus. Don’t try to be perfect or rebellious. It’s important that you hear the responses to your behavior clearly and without bias or prejudice. What you sense about others is still not as exacting as you think you know. They will walk away if your demands become overly critical.

LIBRA – Your feelings are in the spotlight now. Are you comfortable with how you’re relating and being responded to? If so, great! If not, it’s time to take a closer look at what you expect. Is it unreasonable? Is it wishful thinking? You must be rational and balanced in terms of accepting others as they are and how they feel about you.

SCORPIO – Are you listening to your dreams? They are quite informative now. They’re giving you insight to all your relationships. They may even be dredging up memories of past relationships to show you your behavioral track record. Pay attention. This is an opportunity. Also, an underway project is beginning to see results. You have cause to celebrate.

SAGITTARIUS – Your career needs a close assessment. Is what you’re doing in service to others in addition to serving your inclinations? Look carefully at the resources you have at your disposal. Are they being answered and supported by those with whom you work? Are you doing your part to make the overall production successful? If not, get to work!

CAPRICORN – It’s time to look at what you believe is important and how others are responding to your interpretation of your responsibilities. Just because something is the “right thing to do” does not make it functional for the needs of others…and yourself. This is a reality check for your values. Be honest.

AQUARIUS – It’s time to put your humanitarian reputation to the test. Are you feeling superior to, equal to or less than those you believe you should be assisting? This will make a major difference in how you approach them and how they will receive what it is you have to offer. Your response should be based on what is needed and not what makes you look good.

PISCES – You must be either more selective or less critical of those you feel it is your responsibility to serve. This is a time for balancing the energy you put out for others and the degree to which you feel you must serve them. Remember that empathy is involuntary but that compassion is a choice. Do not cut your nose off to spite your face. Take care of yourself first.

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