Happy Birthday Virgo 2019

What comes out of our mouths might not necessarily be what we’re thinking or want projected. It may also come from an egotistical side. Remember also, a lot of what comes out of our mouth was begun within our early family experience. So, we also may have some surfacing memories from childhood coming up.

This is a good time to look at our career and see if it is in line with what we want to see about ourselves. This will also be a good time to look at those childhood memories and ask ourselves, is this anything that we thought we’d be doing? Do we feel ok with it? Or is it just something that falls in line with supporting ourselves? What do we really want out of life?

In a different vein, where does perfection fall in with our achievements and goals? Currently, there is a drive to redo everything until we believe it is the best that we can do. But please realize that when we keep revamping, redressing or “improving” what we do, we might be missing opportunities to do things in a completely different way than we might have imagined simply because we’re mono-focused. Better we should look at what we’re doing and simply ask is it functional? Does it do what we intended it to do? This will keep us from becoming obsessed with making what we do the perfect representation of what it could be.

Service is something that is a major lesson for us. This doesn’t mean giving it all away so others can live better. It means doing what we choose to do for others because they would benefit in their growth from what we provided to them. But those provisions must come from what we are doing for ourselves to feel creative and constructive in our own lives. If we are happy and content with what we have and can do in our lives, it becomes an example for others and an encouragement for them to do it for themselves. Be the one who drops the seeds of what you enjoy doing. If others pick up your lead, then maybe you can add a little more to their plate to see what they make of it.

There may be some friction between your significant other and your blood family. Stay out of the middle and stand your ground.

September 2019 Astrolights

This month’s issues begin with a new moon in Libra and will mostly concern relationships and how we share our resources and deal with who and what we serve. We have a lineup of Mercury, Sun, Mars and Venus all in the sixth house in Virgo. We must first ask ourselves, who or what do we believe are necessary to serve? If you’re in the helping professions, this question is easy for you. But you are among us ordinary people, we must first ask what it means to serve. Do we serve what people ask for, do we serve what we feel someone needs or are our actions and inactions just in their space that provides service. I will cop out and say it is all three. It depends on how we look at our responsibility to others…if we believe that there is such a thing. This month will help us to define what of this pertains to us personally. All these planets oppose Neptune in Pisces and square Jupiter in Sagittarius. This T-square opens into Gemini. The way this gets resolved is, you guessed it, communication ruled by Gemini. With Mercury having recently gone direct, this may be a bit closer to our awareness in the multitude of choices involved with Gemini. Don’t allow yourself to get too detailed. Functionality is the key.

Relationships may hold some confusion. With all the planets in Virgo, they will run at cross purposes to the open end of the T-square coming out in Gemini. There will be alternate impulses between diversity and detail. Center yourself in the aspect of service, to others AND yourself and you should have very little difficulty know where to apply your energy.

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