John’s Monthly Forecast for August 2019

ARIES – It’s time to think about getting away for a while. You need to play and let loose. You need to break away from the humdrum requirements of your daily life. You’ve been shouldering a lot of pressure from the things you think are more important than your personal welfare. Take time for yourself. Breath and relax. You’ve earned the rest.

TAURUS – Your home environment is going through a shift, especially, relative to your children. What rules have you made up? Are they appropriate? Do they work? Does it fit your values and their needs? There must be a balance between their safety and their ability to establish autonomy as a person. If not, you might be behaving as an authoritarian.

GEMINI – Your communication should take on a new dignity. Pride is not necessary, but an upright honorable stature is what you should convey. You may also have issues with your siblings and their in-laws. Again, be upright, honorable and follow the rules you profess. You may find an urge to act a bit more. Don’t be deceptive.

CANCER – Finances and your perception of security through them seems to take center stage. The best focus should be toward providing for your children and arranging for any pending vacation. Don’t be stingy because you want to save money. Do and spend what is necessary to give your children the best and to make your getaway happy and adventurous.

LEO – Gregariousness and fun are in the spotlight now. Live up to what you’ve been telling others. If you’ve been telling them to enjoy themselves and smile, follow your own example. Participating in any kind of physical or sports activity would be really good use of the energy you have at your disposal now. Let your hair down and go for the gusto with dignity.

VIRGO – Listen very carefully to your inner urges. They will bring your childhood patterns to the surface now. Some of the memories and patterns will be good and some not so good. Sort through them. Pay special attention to how they make you feel. This will tell you exactly what needs to be done.

LIBRA – Your status in the career arena is now in the forefront. Move through the present circumstances with reserve and according to the rules that may be appropriate for the upcoming situations. This will determine how others will treat you in the future. You may also find some acknowledgement of past accomplishments coming to you whether in the form of pay or recognition.

SCORPIO – It’s time for you to take people at face value – especially in your career situations. Don’t look for ulterior motives now. Everything you need to know now is up front and open. Things now are as they seem to be. What you see is what you get. Most of all, do not let paranoia about not finding hidden motives get the better of you by making you become strategic. It will be a waste of time.

SAGITTARIUS – This is a good time to talk about values, education and philosophical viewpoints. Most everything that needs to be discussed is on the surface…just the way you like it…and assume it to be. Make sure that you’re able to bring what you talk about down to earth so you and those whom you converse with can use it.

CAPRICORN – Responsibilities are still building but not to the extent they were a while ago. Look now to whom you might be able to receive support from. There’s nothing wrong with asking for assistance…something you are not willing to do since you think all your responsibilities should all be handled by you and you alone. There’s no shame in asking for help. You might be pleasantly surprised at the response.

AQUARIUS – The world feels like it’s on your shoulders and it’s up to you to fix it. Get over yourself. The world is the world with or without you. The world needs you as much as your hand in a pail of water. When you remove it, does it leave a hole? The world will adjust itself. What you can do is only important to you. Think about it and do what you want.

PISCES – Look at your work environment and your health. It’s important that you pay attention to these rather than what everyone else needs or wants. No. You are not a bad person simply because you can’t dedicate your time to others and avoid your own issues. You need to look in the mirror and, in your heart, to see what you need. It’s not about giving yourself to others now. Take care of yourself. .

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