Happy Birthday Leo 2019

There is an urge to put yourself out front. Think twice. Be careful you don’t let your mouth overload your potential. Most of what comes out of your mouth automatically will be a knee jerk reaction to your own need to maintain your position and security. You may also find that in your work environment you will be receiving challenges from those who will demand that you to prove yourself. Don’t fall for it. It’s a play for power. And if you let yourself get dragged into a “I must prove myself” battle, you will become totally distracted from the heart that you need to pay attention to and find yourself dealing with the restrictions of political correctness.

You must lean heavily into your own values to keep your grounding. This year will challenge you to “walk your talk and talk your walk” in the face of no visible or auditory understanding of those around you let alone their recognition. And if you are in need of recognition to believe in yourself, you are in double trouble. You must do this alone. This is a time of listening to your conscience and your better self. Performance and recognition are NOT the issues. Following the path of heart is.

Although your reputation may be in jeopardy, you must not give in to political correctness. It will put you into a position of obligation that will deny your intuition and commit you to emotional slavery. Again, you must do this on your own.

Do not look for support in your decisions either. It will not be there, or, at best, it will only seem that you have it. Your need for security is being challenged and you must rise to the occasion and do what you feel is right not what the consensus tells you must do to fit in and be approved of.

Leo has always been the sign of learning to shine. However, this is the beginning of a brand-new cycle that doesn’t depend on your past history or accomplishments. This is new ground and you must bite the bullet and trust that what your heart tells you to do will put you in the right place for your emotional and spiritual growth. Rules are important but they are either to be followed or rewritten depending on the situations and what needs to be done. No one can tell you what to do. Not even your guides. And if they do, they are suspect as guides. If they are true, they will NEVER tell you what to do. You are making the rules now for what is needed. Trust yourself. If you don’t, no one else ever will. Good luck.

August 2019 Astrolights

We begin the month with a new moon in Leo on the 1st. First question I must ask is whose rules are you following? Are you being politically correct and following what’s good to keep the status quo or have you made decisions based on your own experience and your own values? Hopefully it’s the latter because if it’s the former you will find yourself in untenable situations for which you have no recourse but to follow the wishes of the power-hungry people around you. The 1st also brings Mercury direct in Cancer. Now you have a better idea of what part security plays in the decisions you’ve been making. Make your decisions accordingly.As

Mercury moves into Leo on the 11th, Jupiter also turns direct in Sagittarius. Issues that encompass cultural differences and differences in religion, philosophy and lifestyle are now moving more on a track that is commensurate with your own values, that is, if you haven’t given into supporting the status quo rather than what your heart has dictated. This will also reflect nationally in our current squabbles over confusing race with humanitarian concerns.

On the 12th Uranus in Taurus turns retrograde. We will now have a breather concerning the changing use of our finances, resources and abilities. This will give us a chance to regroup and apply what we possess and are able to do in alignment with the new decisions that we have made. The full moon in Aquarius on the 15th will tell us what humanitarian considerations, if any, are actually necessary and give us a clearer understanding of how we have to apply ourselves. Essentially, the struggle we have been facing relative to the demands of power-seeking children will rebalance itself in a more adult and mature fashion. Petulant squabbles will easily fall by the wayside.

Mars and Venus move into Virgo on the 18th and the 21st respectively. The service needs that are actually proper and needed will become more apparent and we will be able to relax a bit while applying these efforts to ourselves, our families and our country. The sun’s moving into Virgo on the 23rd will show us how successful we have been. It will also give us an opportunity to address our health needs and any adjustment in our work environment that might be needed.

Mercury’s moving into Virgo on the 28th and the new moon in Virgo on the 30th will bring us toward planning these applications more prudently and more effectively. This will finally dissolve the claims and effects of power-seeking people on us.

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