John’s Monthly Forecast for July 2019

ARIES – Home might be the best place for you to regain your strength and grounding. Talk about what bothers you. Make sure those close to you are aware of what you’re thinking. Just because you feel it does not mean they should know it. Your friends and relatives are not mind readers. They have to hear it from you so they know how to support you.

TAURUS – Siblings and their partners will take center stage this month. Your identity with them is very different than your identity with the public. It’s time to reconcile the differences. Do you wear many hats? Do you find that you’re pulled to different people demanding different responsibilities? It’s time to set things right. Just say no.

GEMINI – Are you acting like Doctor Jekyll and mister Hide? It’s time to choose how you want to project yourself rather than simply answering what is demanded of you. July will bring a lot more local traveling. Check you gas and make sure everything is in order before you go. You may have a tendency to forget things.

CANCER - Batten down the hatches and lock your doors. Having two eclipses this month will be enough to drive you to distraction with all the redirecting you’ll have to do. Have little or no expectations and expect to be driven into thought about how and why you are doing things. It’s time to make a few decisions on pending issues.

LEO – Your energy level is just about to peak. Decide on what it is that you want to do, pack up and get to it. You can accomplish plenty now. As long as you’re not wrapped up in needing recognition, everything will run like clockwork. Be open as to where you might get feedback and support. The doors are wide open and on many courts.

VIRGO – It’s time to look at your career to see if what you are putting into it is really paying off. Do you feel secure in your position? Do you feel like you are doing a good job? Does your boss agree with how you believe you are doing? It’s time to make sure that there is a clear understanding about what you are responsible for.

LIBRA – Reading will be a good distraction from daily upsets. Better the reading should be some form of mental bubble gum rather than anything that you must remember details and function by. This will serve as a more complete distraction from things that might suck up your time and energy thereby depleting you. Take breaks often.

SCORPIO – How much security is there in your current belief system? It’s time to take a look at your motivation for how and why you apply yourself. Is it altruistic? Is it manipulative? Does it prevent exposure? Does it leave you feeling satisfied or ineffective? Security is something we all deal with, even if we don’t feel like we need to. It’ll keep you honest.

SAGITTARIUS – Are you happy with the friends you have or are you oblivious to what they represent in your life? Who is drawn to you is a direct reflection on how you’ve been applying yourself socially. Do you like who you see? Is there need for a change? Your actions reflect who is attracted to you and why. Stop, look and listen. You may be surprised at who you find there.

CAPRICORN – You health and work environment are where your energies should be directed. You may find that multitasking may be more of a necessity than it has been of late. You may also find that there is more than one health issue that may require your attention. Take it in stride. Breathe. Take your time. All will be taken care of if you just trust your ability to handle it.

AQUARIUS – Do you have more than one project to apply yourself to? Good, because you have many interests that require attention. Be flexible and go with the flow. Don’t feel that you must control everything. Additionally, pay more attention to what your base tradition is. Though it may be archaic, it may provide some insights on how to use your resources more effectively now.

PISCES – Pay special attention to your children, especially, the first and third. They are showing you what is needed for them to function more effectively although they may not know that they are doing that. You understand nurturance. Use your empathy to feel how they are being and not being nurtured. This will tell you exactly what you need to apply and where.

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