Happy Birthday Cancer 2019

Knowing what you want might be a bit difficult now. Be careful of basing it on what others want or expect of you. You’re not here to make life easy for others, although you can if you choose to. You are here to develop and grow in a way that contributes to your own happiness. If you get caught up in believing that you are here to make life easier for others, you will be distracted from living your own path. Follow your heart NOT your learned obligations.

Your urge to action will, now, almost always take you to issues involving you home, family and security. The key word to attend is security. But the objective is nurturance. Better to look at things in terms of expansion rather than in terms of preserving. Unevolved Cancers generally run their lives in terms of what will produce a consistency in the support and nurturance that they receive from the outer world. Evolved Cancers look at life in terms of what they can add to a person or project that will grow a process of expansion and proliferation. If you’re at all biblical, you remember a statement saying, “Go forth and multiply.” In the most rudimentary sense, it does relate to creating a family but in a much broader sense it speaks of putting effort into expanding awareness and influence into the world of what you feel coming from your heart. This is the type nurturance that results in producing mountains, forests, groups, organizations or the “feeding” of anything that reproduces what pleases us and what makes us feel creative. After all, we are creators in the making. More simply put, it urges us to create from a sense of joy and abundance, not from a sense of lack. Remember, Cancer is the sign of beginnings and endings. Contemplate this for a while and I think you’ll get the idea. If you operate from a sense of lack, this might be beyond your comprehension.

This is a time where you might feel pressured to produce or provide for others. You have the ability and, perhaps, the resources but you must look past producing obligation in others that in the end is designed to provide you with some sort of reward or security. Metaphysically, it is well known that those who attempt to produce obligation in others often become the providers they’re attempting to solicit. Once you can see and move past this type of strategy, you will have grown past the most basic part of the Cancer lesson: proper focus in using nurturance.

July 2019 Astrolights

We begin July with one of the most important eclipses of our lives and of our country. On the 2nd we have a solar eclipse in Cancer and on the 16th we have a lunar eclipse in Capricorn. In its most materialistic meaning, Cancer rules home, real estate, food, and our personal roots. In a less obvious sense, Cancer rules tradition, family, and what and how we nurture what we value in our lives. In also a mundane sense, Capricorn rules authority, government and what we produce in the eyes of the world. In a more subtle meaning, it’s all about how and what we structure in our lives and the recognition of the patterns we create.

We are at a crossroads. We can either allow ourselves to become obligated to be the providers for the world, or we can invest in our own growth without feeling the responsibility to give away what we have earned to those who have no idea of the cost of our earning what they demand of us. Feeling this responsibility is at the core of political correctness. The accusation of selfishness is the most dominant response we receive from our neighbors when we choose to provide for and protect our own family and lifestyle.

As Mercury turns retrograde in Leo on the 7th and then again enters Cancer on the 19th, we will see the road we will have chosen as a result of these two eclipses. The retrograde will bring the usual disruptions in communication, but we will also have the opportunity to see clearly what we have done and where we are being led in terms of what we nurture and allow to happen. This is a Cancer country (born July 4th). These eclipses are not only pertinent to how we will live our personal lives but to how our country is being organized so that we are being coerced into making choices in favor of an unwanted obligation. Would you let strangers move into your home, eat your food, wear your clothes, sleep in your bed, take possession of what you’ve earned and worked for and change the way it’s run? I think not. Why then have we been allowing this to happen in our country? The tradition we have preserved for over two hundred years is disintegrating before our eyes. We must decide what we will allow our leaders to make us obligated to do and choose how we want to nurture our family, home and country. Wake up America and feel the chains we’re being told we must wear because we‘re “moral” or religious people.

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