John’s Monthly Forecast for June 2019

ARIES – Home and family are taking precedence these days. Stay calm. Listen to what’s on the airwaves. Don’t feel obligated to fix anyone’s issues and don’t feel pressured into doing more that what you think you should. Take one day and one situation at a time. It will all come out in the wash whether you worry about it or not.

TAURUS – Determining what is important to you should be happening now. Take a good long look and how things are turning out. Is it matching with what you expected? Practicalities are in a good place right now and it’s easy to see if something is bearing fruit based on what you’ve set in motion. If not, this is the best time to adjust.

GEMINI – The spotlight is on you now. Don’t run off at the mouth, though. You have the attention of others and too much of a good thing will drive them away. Assess both sides of all the options being presented to you now. Yes. It’s a lot. Also, listen to your dreams. They seem to be reflecting what it is that is drawing your interest and attention. Choosing might be difficult.

CANCER – Right now energy abounds. Do what you can to set the emotional patterns you prefer into action. It’s easy right now to go with their flow. Make sure that you’re not overly focused on security. More than security, nurturance is of the most importance since its application will solidify and strengthen what it is that you’d like to create.

LEO – Listen very closely to what your inner urges are pushing you to do. They’re giving you tremendous insight into what psychological factors are at the bottom of your need for security. Acknowledge the urges and ask yourself where they are coming from and it will give you the past circumstances that you must address if you want to diminish their effects.

VIRGO – Career concerns are now in the spotlight. Although you have many options, the service contingency seems to be the best. But it’s extremely important not to see it as an obligation or to give in to the need to feel useful. It’s much more important to look toward the functionality and ease to which it applies to our life circumstances.

LIBRA – Examine your beliefs about people and what you think that they may deserve. No. This is not egotistical. This is in line with your own survival and what it is that you need to feel whole and productive. What you feel that they deserve is a product of your early programming. It’s conditioning based on the recognition your were trying to seek from your parents.

SCORPIO – You’re getting an opportunity to adjust the positioning of your assets. This includes your personal abilities and skills. Do you need to fill in some of the blanks? Has everything been working the way you think it should be? This is the time to decide what assets work best where.

SAGITTARIUS – It’s time to talk about what’s bothering you. Running away solves nothing and only pushes your fears and resentments into a deeper corner. To everyone around you, you may appear to be happy go lucky but you know that the weight on your shoulders needs to be acknowledged and released. Begin now before you explode.

CAPRICORN – The pressure on your resources will begin to abate on the 19th. Hold tight. You’re almost at the release point. Responsibilities have been building like a cresting river. Have faith that it will end. Use this experience as an exercise in agility. The universe is definitely training you to be flexible and enduring.

AQUARIUS – Everything is happening beneath your surface. There is only so much you can keep hidden from those around you. Inevitably, the pressure must seep through the cracks and people will come to see you as human and not a superman or super woman. Clint Eastwood is the only one allowed to not show emotions.

PISCES – All borders are down and all bets are off. You must give in to this dissolving of conventional parameters since it’s your only road to survival. Rather, take this “unconventionality” and put it into something artistic and creative. It may not be acceptable to everyone but it will certainly release the pressure and open new creative roads for you. needed.

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