Happy Birthday Gemini 2019

Your urge is to act, yet you’re used to talking and thinking it through before you do.Or is that just delay tactics? Old patterns die hard but sometimes you just must let go for a while to free yourself from being trapped in the ruts we find security in. Granted, Gemini and your ruling planet Mercury are founded on mental movement and communication, but Mercury and Gemini are also based in all movement and fluidity: mental, emotional and physical.Talking about a planned action from every possible direction is no substitute for doing what is needed.It’s time to get off your duff and put your money where your mouth is!

The support you give and get from your significant other and those who inhabit your circle of influence has been solidifying and showing you tangible places for and origins of support.With all the planets that have moved into earth signs, actions are most certainly speaking louder than words. What is down to earth and practical must now be on the top of your to do list. You can start to put his into motion by first asking yourself, “What do I want?” Make sure that your answer is tangible at the least and practical and usable at best. You answer should also be aligned with what it is that you think you can do the best or, at the least, learn to do the best. Don’t look to others for their suggestions. Don’t go to any outside sources. You know those sources…those you have made friends with, done favors for or been of service to them. Their suggestions will be riddled with ideas that will benefit them in the long run, whether consciously or not. No. This must be based on your experience and what you deep down feel about yourself. Thinking should only tell you how to do what you choose not what to choose to do.

The key to this whole thing now is,” What has your experience taught you about yourself thus far?” What can you do to nurture yourself? This doorway will be available to you until July 1st. Outside opinions now will only amount to distractions from what you need to know about yourself. Go inside. Meditate. Allow images to come to you doing things that will nurture your spirit and your creativity independent of any audience. Be selfish for once. Indulge yourself. All will become clear on or just before June 10th. Trust the part of yourself that it NOT conversant or comparative.

This is a time where your self-worth must grow and flourish. Use this time to the hilt. Get tuned in to your own growth and creation. Feed yourself and have little or no care for what anyone around clamors for or tries to make you feel guilty for not doing for them. In the long run, you will develop and permit yourself stronger boundaries, a clearer perspective on your potential and a crystal-clear path for who you are and what you want to manifest. This is your time. Don’t blow it on coerced obligation or political correctness.

June 2019 Astrolights

On the 3rd the moon becomes new in Gemini. In addition to the usual communications cautions we also have “travel advisories.” This is due to the fact that Uranus is still in Taurus in Gemini’s 12th house and with the moon moving into square with Neptune in Pisces for the next couple of days, we need to be much more cautious about being in a hurry in our daily short distance travels. We will have a tendency to be not quite as observant as we should be. Uranus’ presence in Taurus will make the result, undoubtedly, more tangible.

As Jupiter in Sagittarius makes a closing sesquiquadrate (135 degrees) to Uranus in Taurus on the 6th, our task is to reconcile our current circumstances, unexpected or otherwise, with the values that we want to see manifested. Uranus’ sojourn into Taurus is a lesson in recognizing and adapting those outer circumstances with our vision of ourselves and to come to accept them as a direct result of the forces that we have set in motion. That is, what we chose to do is coming back to us after being processed through the outer world and its inhabitants. Often times we don’t see the connection between what we set in motion and what the world reflects back to us. It takes introspection, observation and patience to effectively see and understand how our actions interplay with the world.

On the 16th Jupiter in Sagittarius will culminate a square with Neptune in Pisces. Both planets rule Pisces and their square is bubbling up differences between what we believe and what is actually felt. The full moon’s becoming full in Sagittarius the day after is auspicious in that it gives us a clear polarization of these two perspectives and allows us to adjust our beliefs if we have the courage and strength to do so.

On the 21st the Sun will move into Cancer along with Mars and give us an understanding of what might be happening with our family and tradition and bring light to any conflicts that might be occurring. On the same day Neptune will turn retrograde in Pisces and give us a break from any emotional waves that come from feeling out of control of our worldly circumstances. The release of pressure will certainly contribute to us becoming clearer about the issues we might be dealing with. The eclipses coming in July 2nd and 16th will bring these issues to a head. Batten down the hatches. This might be a bumpy ride!

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