John’s Monthly Forecast for May 2019

ARIES – Be careful in short distance travel and don’t let you imagined obligations pressure you into doing things in a rush. Everything doesn’t have to be done yesterday. Relax, take your time and pace yourself. Nothing is worth pressuring yourself with responses that could be handled more slowly and with a calmer heart. You are still loved regardless of how you handle your responsibilities.

TAURUS – How you come across to others may not be of concern to you now but it certainly influences how others deal with you. Look carefully at what responses are coming back to you based on the actions you are taking now. Are they to your liking? Do you care? Wake up your practicality and see if others are aiding or thwarting your efforts.

GEMINI – The support you’ve been receiving from others has abated a bit. Its freed your attention from them and encouraging you to look beneath the surface to see if what you have been receiving is really needed. Be careful not to scatter your energies. Circumstances are pulling you in many different directions and there is a strong need to prioritize your efforts.

CANCER – Are you still people pleasing? Focus more on what you feel your family interaction should be. Does it allow you the freedom that you need to follow your inner drives? Security is less important than the inner drives that must be listened to and followed relative to your lessons about to whom and why you must offer encouragement.

LEO – You’ve had ample opportunity over the last couple of years to focus on the higher values that you have been aspiring to. Now is the time to look at the practical application of those values. Can you see your way to manifesting them? Do you have a plan? Do you have a group or clan that you could align with where you want to take your future? There is no shame in sharing you aspirations.

VIRGO – Where is the boundary that tells you how much to sacrifice for stability in your personal relationships? Have you been compromising yourself and your values in the name of security? Make sure you have a clear understanding of where the responsibility for your growth ends and your significant other’s begins. Is it clear?

LIBRA – Health issues have been exposed. Your sensitivities are clear. Do you have a plan? Are you flowing with it? Change only comes as a result of dedication, stick-to-itiveness and concentration rather than wishful thinking. Effort is now require for your desired manifestation to be realized. Encourage yourself. Ignore the discouragement of others.

SCORPIO – Support from others comes in many shapes and forms. Just because it doesn’t fit your definition of how you believe it should come doesn’t mean that you might not actually be getting what you need rather than want. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Trust that they are doing the best that they can based on what they actually know about your situation.

SAGITTARIUS – Be careful not to let things get blown up out of proportion like they have recently. There may be some safeguards or details you neglected to put into place in the recent past. This is also the time to pay special attention to your health and what you expect others to do for you. Allow compassion to guide you.

CAPRICORN – Focusing on your responsibilities seems to have intensified again. Make sure you have all your I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Derails are important now. They will have a profound effect on what comes later. This will also insure that your family and tradition have a minimal effect on what you choose to do in your career.

AQUARIUS – Your home environment requires some attention. How does your significant other’s family impact your relationship with them? It’s important to look at how you or they might feel pressured by that relationship. Your childhood idiosyncrasies may have some influence on how you answer and what you plan to do.

PISCES - Your attention seems to be moving back to career issues again. Have you communicated your abilities clearly? Do you feel confident with what you’ve disclosed about yourself to others? There’s no need to get yourself in a lather worrying about what others might expect from you. Be practical and follow through on your promises. That’s all that’s needed.

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