Happy Birthday Taurus 2019

Things have definitely started vibrating more quickly for you. You may even feel that your response time is lagging…even for a Taurus. You may even feel that things are coming out of your mouth unexpected even to you. That’s ok. The universe is just shaking you up a bit so you start moving and observing.

You are now starting the see the fruits of your values and beliefs. Practical circumstances are showing you the results of what it is that you have decided are important. You might even say that karma is paying a visit to you. No worries. Just listen, absorb, integrate and decide whether what you believe is working for you. Are you getting the responses you want from others? If so, great! If not, time to make some adjustments.

You may find that your resources are being spread a bit thin. Look carefully at what is most required in your life and prioritize your application of them. This will help some of the less pertinent tasks and obligations to be put on the sidelines temporarily. In this way life is teaching you how to apply your patience…a major lesson for Taurus.

Taurus is not patient. Taurus is learning patience. That’s one of the reasons you were born into Taurus.Siblings may be taking on more of an importance now, especially, in terms of how they fit into and act pertaining to the traditions you feel are important to you. Is their placement in your hierarchy of things of importance in a good position for how you want your traditions to play out? If not, you know what you must do.

As time passes, you may find that what you want actually runs a bit contrary to what your chosen values will allow you. You may find that timing might be the best assistant for when and how you deal with this. Split the time for how you perceive each and then ask yourself when and how each might be valid and the circumstances that they might apply to. No chosen standards will work in every situation. Life always forces us to reassess with each new day and circumstance. This is called personal growth. This may be the enemy of what you consider to be one of your strongest assets…perseverance. Tenacity is good but not in every circumstance. As with your resources, you must learn to adjust in order to keep balance between you and your world.

May 2019 Astrolights

As the Sun conjuncts with Uranus in Taurus in the second house on April 23rd, we have a brief glimpse of the opportunities concerning the use of our resources such as money, real estate, our possessions and abilities. Be wary this day to notice everything that comes into our purview. We will see little indicators of what is up and coming for us and how we can best utilize our resources and time for our best growth and comfort. The new Moon in Taurus on the 4th will give us the starting gate for our sojourns. Stay awake and aware. This will be as if a door is quickly opening and then shutting.

With Mercury and Venus both in Aries in the first house we will have an up front seat as to how our needs and desires for independence and exploration will cross currents with our career and its attending responsibilities. With the Moon beginning this month in Pisces, it will be important for us to recognize our personal boundaries and how far, actually, those responsibilities would and should reach. Are you accomplishing them because they’re necessary or because you’re being guilted into responding by those who are unwilling to do their own work? Right now, proper discrimination is of the utmost importance.

On the 15th and 16th, respectively, Venus moves into Taurus and Mars moves into Cancer. Venus will bring us the focus and opportunity to choose how we want to act regarding our resources and Mars will bring us the actions and understanding of how those choices will affect our home, family and sense of security. If there is any movement expected concerning real estate, it will show itself then.

On the 18th the Moon will become full in Scorpio. This will bring our attention to what kind and how much support we are receiving from others. It will also make us aware of what others expected to gain from us for their participation. Be careful not to allow this interplay to turn into a battle for dominance. The Taurus/Scorpio axis is all about the balance of money, power and possessions. In lower vibrations it becomes a power struggle. In higher vibrations it becomes a fair and balanced perception and integration of resources toward a common cause or project. Be as wide minded as you are able.

On the 21st the Sun and Mercury both move into Gemini. Be prepared for things to speed up quite a bit. It may also require you to make many trips to diverse areas to bring your efforts under one roof that you may consolidate your forces. Be wary of scattering your energy through others feigning helplessness and expecting you to “fix” them. You don’t want to succumb to “the bum’s rush.” Obligation should be a process of carefully thought out choice not a rushed coercion by others through induced guilt.

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