John’s Monthly Forecast for April 2019

ARIES – This is your time to shine. Let your works be the indicator of who you are and what you’re capable of. The people who need to know will recognize you and your efforts from the perspective that will do you the most good. Allow it to happen. Don’t force any issues. The fates are “on your side” now.

TAURUS - It’s time to take a good look at your finances and the resources you have to work with. There are at least two places that you may draw from but only one will provide the consistency you desire. Choose carefully be mindful of the responsibilities that your choice will entail. You don’t want to overload your effort with pointless obligations.

GEMINI – There’s plenty of energy at your disposal now. Gear up and begin the application. Just make sure that you don’t spread yourself too thin which is a common Gemini mistake. You have the potential to multitask but within limits. Make sure that you don’t try to pull others into your objectives. What they add may queer the works.

CANCER – Your career needs some attention. Are you cognizant of what must be “fed” in order to make it align with your ultimate goals? You must make your significant other understand what it is that you are trying to create so they don’t work at cross purposes with you. They have to know where you want them to apply their support.

LEO – The pressure is off but there are rising a lot of undercurrents coming from your subconscious which tell you which issues must now be addressed. Do you allow others to be dependent on you? Is it a method you use to make yourself feel like you are needed and useful? Don’t fool yourself. You’re not indispensable. The world will work fine without you. Focus and what you want.

VIRGO – How does your environment affect others? Are they compressed by your need for exacting order or are they drowning in your collection of what you might need in the future? Strike a balance between what is useful and organized where you are clean enough to be healthy but sloppy enough to be happy.

LIBRA – Do you write? Are you communicating enough? Do your loved ones have an understanding of where you are heading, what you expect and how you intend to get there? It’s time to let them express what they feel about you, your life and your direction. Are you open to that? Can you stand the reflection?

SCORPIO – Is everything in place with your family now? Are they all clear on how you and they all fit together? It’s important now because this will teach them how you want to be treated. Your expectations have told them where you and they stand and what the future is supposed to bring in terms of family harmony…your take on it of course.

SAGITTARIUS – It’s time to be a kid. Play with your kids. Play with the dog. Do something fun that takes you away from the cares of the world. You need to disconnect and recharge. It’s been a long road and it’s time for a breather and an opportunity to decompress. It would be good if you can spend some time alone. This will recharge your battery a lot faster.

CAPRICORN – You responsibilities appear to be getting a lot more intense. It’s just because what you’re slated to do affects so many people. Take it with a grain of salt, take a deep breath and just direct your energies toward what must be done. Worry about what is needed will only confuse the issues. Just focus and move.

AQUARIUS – Right now, trust your impulses and allow what needs to come out of your mouth to do so. You may have some explaining to do to clarify but what needs to be said will have come out and can be adjusted on the fly. Don’t worry about sounding proper or mature. Just put it out there and let it fly. It will all come out in the wash.

PISCES – Harmony and evenness of flow are what are needed. Allow both of your fish to swim in both directions. The “counterpoint” will serve as a good analogy to what needs to be done or felt. People will understand from the feel of things. Words will only get in the way. Trust yourself. Right now your empathy operates as a great reflector for people to see the consequences of their actions.

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