Happy Birthday Aries 2019

This is a good time to look at your digestive system. Make sure the nutrition you are receiving is sufficient for your activities. You may not be giving your body all that it needs to conduct its daily routines. Also, pay close attention to whom you allow in your space. Right now, while you are very outer directed, you are much more empathic than you have been and you’re more likely not to recognize who might be influencing you.

Career is certainly going through its paces where, seriousness, authority and the public, are having serious interactions with you. Maintain your values, stick to your guns and you will shine on the other side. If you are involved in political issues, they are becoming more intense. Be certain of your alignment and all will bode well…provided you are on the honorable side.

As of the 7th, your perspective, and its attending opportunities, is changing. Keep your eyes peeled for avenues of expression that, as of yet, have remained unexpressed. There is a shift occurring in your resources that is encouraging you to be a lot more practical and grounded than you have been in the past. It’s as if the opportunities that have passed are now open for manifestation provided you can now align all your ducks in a row. The major part of this shift is the reorganization of you resources, including how you view them. This can be in the form of talents, money, possessions, education and training and any other activity that has, in the past, enhanced your personal wealth. You may be open to a few run-ins with your superiors as they might see the application of your talents in a different way than you’d prefer. This is only because they are unaware of how you’re currently beginning to view them.

You may also find that the issues at work seem to influence the way you feel at home and vice versa. To remedy this, get yourself a two sided pad and when you are at home and think of things that need to be attended at work, write them on the pad. Bring that pad with you and when at work and you remember things that need to be done at home, write it on the pad but on the flip side. This will serve separate the issues and responsibilities from each other thereby freeing your mind about home at work and freeing your mind about work at home. It will also allow you to have a list of things to do when you return to either environment.

With all this going on, it is also a time where some quiet space will benefit you tremendously. Make a point of taking time just for you. You’ll need it to keep your head on straight while being involved with so many different things. Have a good month and take your time (be patient with yourself!).

April 2019 Astrolights

The spring equinox is upon us. Have you planned what new endeavors you’d like to grow? A new moon in Aries on the 5th should help facilitate your decision. With Jupiter turning retrograde on the 10th in Sagittarius, your choice should be in alignment with your highest values. Those higher values should not be with what the public says is politically correct but what it is that is in cooperation with your own life long direction. Since Neptune in Pisces is still direct and the co-ruler of Pisces with Jupiter, don’t let the social requirement for your compassion for others dominate your choices. Your choice should be first and primarily aligned with your own preferences and inner calling.

On the 19th and 20th respectively, the Moon becomes full in Libra, the Sun moves into Taurus and Venus moves into Aries. These transits are all connected to Venus and your decision making preferences and capabilities. They should combine choices that involve your independence and self-worth as determined by your personal Venus position and the abilities you have through the resources available to you. Do not be swayed by any need for social recognition or approval. That will short circuit your life path and delay any transformation available to you.

On the 24th and the 30th, respectively, Pluto and then Saturn will both turn retrograde in Capricorn. Personally, our career will have an opportunity to catch up with world changes. With all the activity that has recently occurred in Aries, the battle of the means and ends will drag on. Does the end justify the means or the means justify the end? Or, do you act according to what you wish to occur or do you act according to what you feel is right (for you)? The two perspectives are radically different and have been bones of contention all throughout time. We can see this in our personal relationships all the way into the masses vs. our leaders subject to political juggling. The battle rages on…and always will as long as values and benefits conflict. Which side of the fence do you find yourself? You must come to clarity about this before your choices and have any power.

On the 1st, Mars moved into Gemini. This has allowed us to follow more than two paths simultaneously. But Pluto’s and Saturn’s retrograde will force us to choose only one path subject to public pressure and purview. You will, then, not be able to play both sides of the fence. Choose carefully because it will be quite easily discernable to others whether you’re are a “results” or “principle” based person. You will then be treated accordingly. Which side do you choose? Those who follow you will be based on which you choose…

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