John’s Monthly Forecast for March 2019

ARIES – Stress is on its way out. Calmer waters are ahead. Get ready to be able to breathe and relax in your own space. The needs of others are no longer as urgent as they have seemed. Solidify your own health and well being. It’s time for your to pull in the oars and drift a while so you can heal.

TAURUS - Things are just about to get a bit more chaotic for you. After the 7th the unexpected will become the norm. Don’t try to second guess what’s coming. It won’t work. The universe is checking to see just how tenacious you can be. Will it be beyond practicality or will you be able to roll with the punches?

GEMINI – You will begin to have more inner urges than you bargained for. Listen to your intuition. It will be hard to discriminate it from your instinct which is your emotionally trained behavior. To determine which is which, ask yourself whether the urge has a connection to your security or not. If it does, it is suspect. Choose the alternative.

CANCER – Everything centers around your significant other this month. Where do your responsibilities end and your spouse’s begin? This is a time to take a really good look at what is truly necessary and what is just a reactive knee jerk response. If you’ve been responsible in your career, this will be a time where a raise or promotion may take place. If not, payback.

LEO – Take a good look at your health concerns. If anything is troublesome that is structural, bone, teeth or cartilage oriented, pay attention and get it taken care of while the problem is small. This also pertains to streamlining and consolidating your work environment so everything within it is practical, useful and directed.

VIRGO – Be a little more open to what your significant other is concerned about. A little more compassion will go a long way to strengthen their trust and faith in you as good support. It may seem malingering to you but to them it feels fairly serious. Let them assess what they feel in their own way and support any decision that they may make in conjunction with it.

LIBRA – Home environment and tradition are about to become a lot more structured. The support you receive may not come from expected avenues. Roll with the punches. Others supporting you may see something about your situation that you’re too close to to see. Let them support you in the way they want. Don’t be picky about how it comes. Just be grateful.

SCORPIO – Give your partner plenty of leeway. Their world is about to go topsy turvy. What they expect to happen appears to be nowhere near what is expected. They may have a meltdown. Be supportive. Roll with the punches and help them to organize what they face first. In the end, it will work greatly to your benefit when you need assistance.

SAGITTARIUS – Now is the time that your resources must be organized and available at your fingertips. Leave little to chance and plan scenarios according to how you think they might occur. The path you’ve chosen will now require tenacity, foresight and an active demeanor for you to land on your feet.

CAPRICORN – Right now your life is loaded. Everything is happening at once. Drop back, reassess and take slow methodical action. You cannot multitask now. You must take each issue, one by one in order to make your way though the deluge. You’re a survivor. You can do it. Just stay centered and persevere and everything will come out in the wash.

AQUARIUS – Pay more attention to your inner than your outer. Your urges may be coming fast and furious but they are all aligned with the same objective – get grounded, established and stand your ground. It’s all about becoming and staying practical, especially, since your health depends on it. Keep your eye on the ball.

PISCES – New Moon in your Sun sign brings a new focus for you emotionally. Listen. Absorb, but don’t act just yet. This is a time for you to contemplate possible outcomes for your intended actions. And don’t be guilted into behavior that doesn’t feel right. Do what YOU feel not what you’re told someone needs.

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