Happy Birthday Pisces 2019

Your thinking may be a bit more fluid and unfocused this month than it usually is. However, your sensitivities will be sharply heightened. Coupled with your sensitivities, your urge to react to them verbally will also be heightened. Choose your words carefully and prudently. People you have reactions to may have no idea that they are in any way troubling to you. They often just do what comes naturally with no thought of how they affect others. Just use your sensitivity as a guide to know where they are coming from so you may steer conversations and behaviors in a direction that may help them to become more aware.

Learn to recognize that what you see about people and what they want may be much less subtle in their discrimination as to how to acquire or achieve their objectives. You have the opportunity to provide an example of subtly and refinement that most people aren’t even aware of. But you must be tactful in pointing these aspects out to them lest they feel that you are being condescending. It’s a very thin line between informing and accusing. Those who have less confidence in themselves are more likely to see you as presenting the latter option. Don’t be offended if they accuse you of demeaning them. Just recognize that they have less awareness of their own projection than you might and let them pursue their own line of thinking based on their own experience whether you feel it’s limited or not.

In health issues, pay attention to your heart and circulation. Overdoing as a favor to others does not go easy on your own health. You not only short change them but yourself as well.

Things with your siblings, if you have them, are soon to be going a bit erratic. This may include friends whom you feel like a sibling with. Make sure that you’re not feeling responsible for their welfare or that they don’t make you feel like it’s you that must fix the consequences of their choices. They have their own lessons to learn and if you do it for them it will only serve to interfere with what they might learn from the experience themselves.

March 2019 Astrolights

On the 5th, Mercury turns retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces…a critical degree in personal growth as it’s the last degree of the zodiac until we start a new cycle in Aries. We all know that Mercury retrogrades cause confusion in communication and commerce. We must also realize that this particular retrograde is and will be instrumental in helping us to navigate the next major transit occurring on the 6th. The most important transit happening this month is Uranus’ sojourn into Taurus on the 6th.

This means it will move out of directly influencing Aries and Libra and indirectly Cancer and Capricorn. This now brings a little more chaos into the lives of Taurus and Scorpio directly and Leo and Aquarius indirectly. Taureans will feel pushed, Scorpios will feel pulled and Leo and Aquarius will feel like people and situations will begin to work at cross purposes to their preferences. The key for these four signs is not to dig in more deeply into behaviors and choices that they prefer but to become more observant to the opportunities that the universe is presenting them with, seemingly, from “left field.” On the up side, Uranus creates opportunities from the least expected quarters for those who are able to see them. On the down side, it also creates, over a long period of time, explosive pressures for those who refuse to move or resist the flow of natural forces. This transit usually lasts for seven years.

On the 20th we have the vernal equinox at zero Aries and on the 21st a full Moon in Libra. This heightens the importance of our new beginnings for the equinox in regard to relationships. Let Mercury’s retrograde enlighten you to the past patterns your followed in your relationships and see if there are any avenues for improvement that you may have overlooked. Venus’ ingress into Pisces on the 26th will make clear your choices involving compassion and how far to stretch your participation. Remember, Uranus in Aries has just finished teaching us about independent and self-responsible actions. As long as it’s not dangerous, allow people to fall and pick themselves up so they may create self-respect by doing so. If you attempt to rescue everyone, all you will do is create dependency and resentment in those you rescue. Let others learn their lessons themselves but be watchful of those who are truly unable. This will require an astute awareness and judgment on your part. Look at what’s necessary not just what’s wanted or demanded. We all must learn to carry our own weight.

When Mars moves into Gemini on the 31st, we’ll have the opportunity to branch out. Just beware of spreading yourself too thin. You have limits too! Enjoy your month! thyself!

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