John’s Monthly Forecast for February 2019

ARIES – The stress you’re feeling is getting close to a close. Hold tight. A little more and you’ll feel like you’re being shot out of a cannon. You’ll be off and running. The toughest day will be on the 12th. Batten down the hatches, put away the breakables and get ready to move past a milestone. You’ve earned the rest.

TAURUS – Pay close attention to urges that seem to come from nowhere. You may find that your independence may be feeling at risk if you don’t act on them. Be cautious however that they don’t escalate into you being bellicose. Intensity may be admirable but contentiousness is not.

GEMINI – You can expect to have solid support from your significant other now. Make sure that your conversation with them is nurturing not critical. You may also find that groups can offer some good perspective for you to pursue relative to your career. Just don’t get stuck in old protocols. They will tend to block the flow of new endeavors.

CANCER – Although you always seem to worry about security, the validation behind your financial insecurity has abated. You can rely now on your instincts rather than your mind’s chatter. Most of what you expected to happen never did. Take note and allow yourself to be more rational in the future.

LEO – The change in how you appear to others has come to a close. Now, delve into your subconscious and ferret out whatever fears that still remain there. What’s the most important now is what part of yourself you’re starting to nurture. Does it give you strength in your dealings with others? Do you feel more confident in letting go rather that planning and controlling every moment?

VIRGO – How much are you interfering with your own creativity? Can you just let it stream out of you rather that trying to point it toward what you think it should become? Specificity only works for details after the main path of direction has been determined by your intuition. Are you listening? Can you stop the mental chatter?

LIBRA – A pattern is developing at home. Do you feel a tradition beginning to coalesce? The difficulty you had before asserting yourself seems less important now than before. Go with the flow. You have nothing to lose but your hang-ups. Your love is solid. So is the support you’re giving and getting. You just don’t recognize it as such.

SCORPIO – Siblings and close friends take center stage now. Wear kid gloves. Be gentle and allow them to express before you dive in with advice. Their perspective and the doorway to their release will become a lot clearer if you’re patient and let them go through their messaging. They just need a little more space to put it into order. THEN your advice will be appreciated.

SAGITTARIUS – Take a look at your responsibilities. You have to make sure that you’re on target with what needs to be covered. Those close to you need to know that you’ve got them covered with the things you’ve promised to undertake for them. Health wise, take special care with issues dealing with your head and eyes. You have a habit of going at full bore without looking.

CAPRICORN – Are you in touch with your feelings? Do you know that you have them? It’s time to take a few risks based on your intuition. The home tension is finally ebbing and you’re starting to be able to breathe. Take a deep breath, center yourself and start moving in any direction that you think feels good. This will lead you on the right path.

AQUARIUS – This is your time. Be group involved. This will encourage what you perceive as your innovativeness to begin to flower. You may run off at the mouth a bit but don’t worry. You’re just venting what your unconscious feels that it needs to get off its chest so you can get to some serious work. It’s been a long time since you’ve been able to feel dedicated.

PISCES – The love you’ve been receiving is a lot more solid than you’ve been assuming. Let your paranoia ebb and relax. It’s also been very taxing on your health. It’s time to pull in your oars, take down the counseling sign and take care of you. Long periods of giving it all away depletes your reserves and can severely stifle your emotional recovery.

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