2019: A Look Ahead

How do you look at authority? Are you obedient? Timid? Rebellious? Insurrective? Cynical? We all have different ways for dealing with or being in authority. With us beginning the year with a solar eclipse in Capricorn and a clump of planets squeezing in around it on January 6th, authority issues will be brimming over the top of our daily concerns. This year promises to be fraught with concerns over who’s in charge, what they’re doing and what right they may have to occupy that position. With a lunar eclipse also occurring in Leo on the 21st, pride and entitlement permeating the younger generations will emerge combining with these same authority issues.

On the surface, this will look like a year of outrage and indignation for many immature or unaware people. Underneath and for those of us who are a little more evolved and have been able to keep our head tuned into common sense, it will be a year of restructuring ourselves in a way that maintains our values, keeping a low profile and observing very carefully how our leaders handle the frenzied competitions for power. The silent majority is being shown that being silent is not always the best course of action. Manners and political correctness often become a liability and a tool for manipulation by those with ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Uranus’ remaining presence in Aries is still a reminder that simply having values is not enough. We must also act on them if we are to maintain any semblance of independence and autonomy. Many wars have shown this to us. The need for independence and autonomy, whether nationally or family focused, brings us back to the values we feel an authority must have if we are to allow them to direct or govern us.

Up until April we will have many new turns of events in our family structure and our national structure. With Uranus still in Aries (independence) and squaring (creating cross current friction) Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (authority and the masses), they will seem like they’re coming out of the blue but in essence, they are issues that have been slowly growing in importance and intensity as undercurrents just beneath our conscious awareness. Almost all of these issues will enliven the struggle between when and how we act independently and when we allow others to lead us. For children, this will be how they react to their father’s and mother’s applied disciplines. For citizens, it will be how we react to imposed laws and legislation. Our attitude toward authority is and has been changing very slowly. How we raise our children has been changing also. We can no longer maintain the status quo of manners and political correctness as these traditional behaviors leave our children susceptible to the manipulations of others who are more direct, aggressive and less concerned with manners or political correctness except as to tool for control. We are now teaching our children more on how to survive in a world where social protocols have become more base and coarse as opposed to the older softer behaviors many of us have grown up by. It’s a very different world now.

As we move into May and the months after, many of the planets that have been producing the intensity will turn retrograde. This will ease the pressure, give us an opportunity to catch our breath, retrace our steps and make adjustment in the behaviors and protocols we’ve had to implement to deal with our changing social structure. In August another lunar eclipse will occur on the 16th solidifying the behaviors we have recently put into play and when we reach September, these same planets will turn direct, pick up speed and create new issues that we must navigate through while adding further adjustments to how we deal with the world and its demands of us.

When we get to early December, Jupiter will change from Sagittarius to Capricorn incorporating the changes we have made into our educational system as part of a now “normal” protocol for behavior. The year might not move as smoothly as we would like but it will certainly add to our potential for survival in our changing social environment. Hopefully, we will all have the time and space to react in a way that is comfortable for us. Here’s to a happy, productive and safe new year!

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