John’s Monthly Forecast for January 2019

ARIES – Power and energy are rising in your potential and opportunities. How are you going to use it? Will you pioneer a new and exciting path or will you use it to diminish others so you don’t have to put the effort into excelling and risking failure? Your career is bringing you additional opportunities that allow you to do either.

TAURUS - Take a good long look at what those close to you do when you’re not around. Are you surprised? Do you wonder why? Expecting others to be as rational and practical as you is irrational. People believe in more than just what’s in front of their nose. You must become a bit more tolerant if you want others to stay around you.

GEMINI – Look at who and what you provide service to. Is it a process that works for you? Does it allow others to provide the support that you want or need? Or do you allow others to pull you into their daily issues while neglecting your own? Just because you can assist others in using their abilities more proficiently does not mean that it is your life’s purpose.

CANCER – This is the time where you become aware of your mate’s needs, vulnerabilities and regenerative power. It gives you a key as to what it is that supports their survival. What you do with this knowledge is critical to how you choose to fulfill your own security needs. Do you emotionally blackmail them or do you feed their power and accelerate their growth?

LEO – You’ve had a good look at how others perceive you over the last year and a half. What changes have you put in place that will improve that rapport? Are you recognizing the nurturance that’s needed for those who come into your sphere of influence? Does it mirror what it is that you have found that you need and want from others? Are you now willing to give it?

VIRGO – You have found that your children, especially the oldest, are more stable and grounded than you thought. Are you will to listen to them now? They are a reflection of you through being a polar opposite. They are enlightening you to your frailties. Are you listening? Will you admit your own insecurities…if only to yourself?

LIBRA – Your partner is now in the process of getting energized. Are you willing to work with them to allow their expression free of your insecurities? Can you trust that it’s not about you but about their need to feel accomplished and growing? You must support this process by giving them the space that they need. If you don’t, they will move on from you.

SCORPIO – What can you do to assist others to move past their own securities in assisting them to grow? It will require you to act from behind the scenes without their knowledge. Can you do this without soliciting their recognition of your efforts? This is where your true strength lies. Recognize that some may realize what you’ve given them. Others may not. Deal with it without resentment.

SAGITTARIUS – Are you getting and doing what you want? Rewards and punishments are here. Do you like what you see? They’re a product of what you’ve put in motion. Was it done with a good and caring heart or did you just follow the gravy train for own excitement and pleasure? Time to adjust yourself toward your goals.

CAPRICORN – OK. The ball’s in your court. How do you want to play it? You see what holds you and what might propel you toward success. What are you willing to risk? Your home environment may contain the motivation or impetus that will propel you to do what you need or want to do. Choose carefully as you don’t want to forget family promises.

AQUARIUS – Time to look inside. Where are you coming from? Are your motivations really humanitarian or are you just wanting to create an image? Your career choices may betray your motivations to others, especially, if you’re looking for an important position in the social ladder. The question is, why do you want it?

PISCES – It’s time to make your abilities work for you. Granted you want to be the world savior to justify your worth but what about your own well being and growth? Don’t they require attention as well? You have a mission to complete yourself and it’s not to allow yourself to be a stepping stone for others’ ambitions

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