Happy Birthday Capricorn 2018

Generally, It’s time to take a good look at your work environment. At this point you’re probably working in more than one now. You may also find that there are people in that environment that are either chattering at you or distracting you with minutia. This is just nature’s way for forcing you to become more focused in what you are doing. If you allow yourself to react to others who distract you, you will only cause yourself more aggravation. The trick is to ignore them.

Health issues are in the focus for you now. Your nervous system and limbs will be where you feel or find any illnesses or difficulties. Take care not to scatter your energies. There will probably be many people and issues pulling you in different directions. Pick one issue and solve it. Meet them each one by one rather than trying to multitask. Then, you’ll feel much better in dealing with them.

You’ll probably find that dreams are becoming much more prevalent now. These will be exacerbated by any difficulties you may be encountering at work, in your work environment or in your health.

Take a good look at your relationships now, especially, what support or nurturance is being given to whom. Make certain that your strict adherence to only what you feel is necessary is not the only avenue of support that you offer to those near and dear to you. Many people are not as Spartan or strict as you are in their daily lives. They may expect or even need more than you would require in the same situation. What you may see as pandering may actually be necessary to some and their fragile constitutions.

It might also be a good idea to actually tell people what you expect of them in a career environment rather than just assuming that they know what needs to be done and when.

This is not to say that you should micro-manage them but that people occasionally need gentle reminders of what they should be doing where and when. Lastly, start planning what you’re going to do about a vacation now rather than waiting until you really need it and can’t get the reservations that you’d prefer. You have a tendency toward not allowing yourself a life where responsibility is concerned. You must learn to be responsible also to your own well being…even if what you’re doing is not complete yet. Make sure that you take care of yourself. things

January 2019 Astrolights

We begin this month with a set of eclipses. The solar eclipse occurs in Capricorn on the 6th and the lunar eclipse in Leo on the 21st. With Uranus having retrograded back into Aries, this completes the power triad. This means that all forms of power and independence will go through some changes. This can be both personally and publicly. Publicly, we can see that this will have a very close bearing on the shifting of the House of Representatives to a dominant Democratic presence. We all know the gridlock that will ensue. In a personal sense, we will feel a challenge to our wills between things we want to do and things we think and know we can do. Since we look at the New Year as a challenge for new beginnings and endings, this will not veer far from our expectations. However, we should also remember that eclipses bring low energy to the endeavors that we apply ourselves to, so, it may take a little more effort than we anticipate.

Capricorn also represents the qualities of authority. This could mean that your relationships with your bosses, if you work for someone, will also go through a shift. If you yourself are a boss, this will mean that your focus or platform for the work you supervise will also have to go through a shift. Because it’s Capricorn and Saturn, who rules it, is also in Capricorn, most changes will occur from an organizational perspective. Pluto’s presence there only serves to intensify the quality and quantity of what needs to change.

Meanwhile, a square will culminate between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces on the 13th. This is a deceptive influence but, nevertheless, a very virulent one in that it will set our intuition and our physical choices at odds with each other. With the transiting moon approaching Uranus, this will make whatever shifting issues come to light in the limelight in a very sudden fashion or make them disappear just as suddenly. This will most strongly affect our political climate and the strategies connected to it. This will include “fake news” perspectives. Strategy is looming. This square will also present confusion in personal choices that need to be made based on intuition and personal assessments.

As a personal note, how we support and are supported by others will become a dominant issue influencing our own independence and personal well being. How do your responsibilities and commitments promised to others hamper what it is that you might need to do? What will have to be changed simply to allow your own personal survival? How much social coercion do you feel to do what is needed and expected by others while not allowing you the space and energy to take care of yourself and your loved ones properly without being viewed or told that you’re being selfish if you don’t? This is a time for hard choices in personal commitments. Don’t let the threat of a tarnished social image be what coerces you into committing beyond your capacity.

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