John’s Monthly Forecast for December 2018

ARIES – Lean back a bit and refrain from seeing yourself as Superman or Super Woman. Being independent within reason is advisable. Admit that you do need some help in the larger issues and you will fare well. No one can play all the instruments in the orchestra by themselves and survive to the end of the concert!

TAURUS – The rush is off for a while until March. Take this time to reassess how independent you truly are. Take a good look at the people you receive any support from. What are their motives? Do their efforts affect you in a beneficial way? Do they give you room to do what you need to do without feeling obligated to return favors?

GEMINI – This month brings added insight to your relationships. Anything that deals with culture, heritage and roots will be a subject for discussion and will serve as a basis for making decisions about how you will do things together. Also, seriously discuss what you can practically do for each other in terms of support.

CANCER – The responsibilities you feel in relation to your significant other don’t seem to be lifting any time soon. Discuss the extent that compassion plays in this relationship. Be clear on what you expect from each other and how far you will be willing to go. This way there will be no surprises when the chips are down.

LEO – Now that you’ve learned the actual affect you have on other people, how does your feeling of personal security come into play in relation to what you’ve learned? Did you like what you found out? Are you OK with how people see you? Does this change how you will handle your daily routines? Where you honest in your self-assessment?

VIRGO – Have you been looking at your heritage and culture and how it connects to how you live your life now? Traditions, when they are understood, can be a blessing in what it dictates your actions should be in times of crisis or difficulty. Even abandoned traditions can offer insight to what you are going through now. Do you need a vacation…to your roots?

LIBRA – Your finances are about to start leveling off. Things should be a bit smoother where bills and obligations are concerned. Just make sure that whatever service you have promised to others is still on your agenda and in your arsenal if needed. Keeping a bit in reserve might be prudent at this point just to be assured that your decisions haven’t left you high and dry in the event of surprises.

SCORPIO – Conditions have settled with your significant other and you’re relaxed enough to allow the charm to emerge once again. Your resources seem to be plentiful and your aspirations are clear. Make sure no unexpected health issues interfere with your plans by catching you off guard.

SAGITTARIUS – This is your month. Let it shine! But don’t try to blind others with your brilliance. There are still people observing how you handle yourself and are still reserving judgment. Realize that however you handle yourself your roots and breeding will always surface to the trained observer. Be yourself. Be straight up front. Rewards and punishments are pending.

CAPRICORN – As long as you look at things in your career from a point of services, all concerns will run smoothly. Any authority squabbles will result in disaster. Remain modest and cooperative but not a pushover. Strength is always enhanced with balance and compassion. Omit either and you will create enemies.

AQUARIUS – Health concerns should be on the top of your agenda list. Handle them when they are small. Acknowledge your weaknesses now and you won’t have to cover for them later. Also, rules are there for a reason…not just so you can bypass them exhibiting your innovativeness. People are on to you. They know that what you do is simply omit the obvious.

PISCES – Keep your cool, retain your balance and don’t allow yourself to get swept away by idealist causes that put you in the driver’s seat. The hoopla you feel from others is just a ruse to get you to commit to what they haven’t the nerve to do themselves. Make sure your compassion is focused and well deserved by those you offer it to.

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